Thursday, 10 September 2015

Mysterious Pebble

A few weeks ago I was having a day out in Skegness, a popular seaside holiday resort on the coast of Lincolnshire. I was walking along the beach, a very fine award-winning one, watching the surf kneading the sand when I decided to pick up a pebble; I do this kind of thing habitually whenever I'm at the seaside. It was a pebble like most others, about two inches long by one wide, made of a blue and grey streaked stone; it's probably some kind of flint. It had originally been a jagged shard, probably broken off a larger lump of rock, but its edges have been worn smooth by the constant friction of the waves. I was about to throw it back into the sea when I noticed a strange marking on it. I bent down and washed the sand off it in the surf. It was a double arc cut into the stone, one inside the other. The two were not parallel and they tapered together somewhat at one end to create a rough half-crescent shape. Inside the curve of the arcs was a flattened and smooth surface. It was almost as though somebody had pressed the bottom of a coffee mug into some wet clay and let it set; except this was stone not clay. I was surprised to find such a strange feature on a seaside pebble. I didn't think too much of it at the time because my mind was occupied with heading towards the nearby ice cream stalls as soon as possible, but I did take the pebble home with me. Could it be a fossil? You do get fossils in flint. I looked online at a fossil-hunters' website and found out that Skegness is not a hotspot for fossils because there are no cliffs or exposed rock. However small rocks are carried southwards by the current from Holderness, a coastal region of Yorkshire. If so then it doesn't resemble any kind of fossil normally found on that beach, according to my source, and I've not seen any pictures of prehistoric animal and plant life which look like what was on the pebble, see: It's possible that the pebble came from one of the stacked boulders that make up Skegness' storm defences; the rock looks like the same kind. As the above link says, it's impossible to date the pebble accurately because there's no way of knowing what layer of the ground it came from.
Could it be one of these out-of-place artefacts that I've been reading about? Richard Thompson's and Michael Cremo's Forbidden Archaeology is a thousand-page doorstep of a book, but it's well worth reading because it reports on the remarkable finds of archaeologists that don't fit in with the conventional image we have of the distant past. For example, the bones of modern humans in the same period as dinosaurs and man-made stone tools in an epoch where only sea life was supposed to exist. Not only that, but Forbidden Archaeology also explains how there is a tacit collusion among academics to suppress knowledge which contradicts the familiar narrative. In one of the most interesting chapters, the book describes artificial objects like gold chains being found in lumps of coal from Wales and a strange metal sphere several billion... not million... years old found in South Africa. This came from a time when there were supposed to be no life forms on Earth except the very earliest aquatic microbes. It is definitely artificial because it has a distinct and exact series of notched grooves around its equator so that it resembles a cricket ball. There are also human footprints hundreds of millions of years old, which alone would be anomalous enough even if these feet were not wearing shoes. The flat soles are visible, and even the stitching around the edge where they’re sewn onto the uppers. Cremo calls this cover-up the "knowledge filter", for example see: I met Cremo once at a conference, see background link below. In that case what could the marks on my pebble be? As I suggested above, it could be the imprint of some circular object with a raised rim; I'm not sure if such a thing exists in nature. It's difficult to tell; we have just a segment of something bigger which gives us a mere glimpse of what it might be. That's very tantalizing. I also don't know if there's any way to tell how old the marking is? Could it simply be caused by the pebble resting for several years against a ship's anchor or something? If it is truly ancient, then this might be another discovery to add to that long, long list of evidence that Cremo and Thompson have accumulated.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Ben. I heartily recommend browsing 'The Writing Of Stones' by Roger Caillois (1913–1978).

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Cheers, X. I'll have a look

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