Thursday 14 August 2014

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Revolution Radio with Kerry Cassidy

As part of the Friday night live radio broadcasts at The Bases Project Conference 2014, Kerry Cassidy interviewed a few of us for her own show, including me, see here for a film of the event:
I discussed ET Disclosure, mind control and my own background with her.
See here for Kerry's interview on the Irate Women Show with Sarah Goodley and myself:


Anonymous said...

Interesting artical. It seems tunnels in this part of the world have been linked with the occult, especially the use of bodies for manipulation in science, ritual etc. A story which seems to bare a striking resemblance to the present.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben. Firstly the above comment was meant for your underground tunnels artical. Thank you for your great HPANWO video reviewing the Bases conference I really enjoyed it. It's a shame it's not always possible to get to events and being a struggling NHS worker at the bottom of the 'social' pile it's hard to find the finances sometimes. As precious as it sounds I am working far away from where im from, away from my son after a separation and coming to terms with a strong Awakening AND feeling there are no friends who i can discuss such things with. You may not realize but I am grateful for your work and 'friendship' all be it in general conversation!. I wish you well on your journey on what old Zen masters called 'the path of Birds' sometimes it is lonely path and without tracks seen aright, such pressures can be a spur to self development. It is precisely amid all the hustle and bustle of sometimes difficult life that one can build up the head of steam required for a real break-through, an old saying goes 'the greater the doubt the greater the Awakening, No doubt - no awakening'. In short, if we continue to strengthen our minds as well as knowledge it can generate a highly dynamic breakthrough weather circumstances are favorable or not and into the realm of reality which is inevitably coming, that is certain my friend. Take care. Xylomet (Antony)South Coast......P.S it seems YOUTUBE are removing specific comments I am making regarding the discussion of deep material. Oh well....