Friday, 20 December 2013

Moonfaker Channel Deleted

I've just heard that Jarrah White's Moonfaker YouTube Channel has been deleted. This is apparently over "multiple third party copyright infringements". Here's the Moonfaker site: Jarrah White is a dedicated researcher into the faking of the Apollo moon landings, the space missions which we were told landed men on the moon between 1969 and 1972, but in truth did not.
He had taken a break from Apollo research to pursue other interests and last week uploaded a video in his Moonfaker series for the first time in several months. The video was no different in material content to any of the others so why did it result in the termination of his account? Was the copyright claim merely an excuse to censor his information? Luckily I managed to watch the video before the account was terminated, how I wish I'd downloaded it! It was about a recent article on concerning some photoes taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft of the Apollo landing sites. These photoes apparently show the flags planted by the astronauts over forty years ago still flying proudly, see: Jarrah questioned this because he's read a recent translation of a Russian publication by one of the astronauts (I refuse to use the stupid Cold War jargon "cosmonauts") on the Mir space station. In the late 1980's one of them attached the Hammer and Sickle flag to an antenna on the space station, but in 1991 the Soviet Union was disbanded and all government facilities in Russia had to change their standard to the new Russian flag. The Mir space station was no exception, but when the crew left the airlock and climbed to the end of the antenna they found that the old flag had been reduced to threadbare rags because of the constant bombardment of micrometeoroids (see: It looked as if it had been sandblasted, which it had in effect. The question Jarrah posed was, if just a few years of micrometeoroid impacts had totally destroyed the flag on Mir, how on Earth had the Apollo lunar flags, which were made of a very similar material and were in a very similar environment, survived for over forty years intact? The answer to that question is that they couldn't, meaning that the LRO photography is fake. Is this the real reason Jarrah's channel was removed?


Andrew Johnson said...


Weird that you just posted this! See <a href= ">this posting</a> where Jarrah talks about this."

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Andrew. Yes indeed. I think Jarrah touched a raw nerve!

Megawatts1066 said...

Ben you are doing brilliant work. You ask the right questions and make accurate and acute observations. Well done. By the way I am still alive at Anna's place. Warm 10c in winter when its normal to be -20C

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Miles. :-) Hope you have a good Christmas in Son. I just got back from work and I'm soaked to the skin. USA has record cold and snowfall. Something's wrong with the weather at the moment.