Thursday, 5 December 2013

Germany's Neo-Nazi Registry

Germany has announced that all its neo-Nazis will be placed on a government database, see: This follows a spate of murders in which nine immigrants and a police officer were killed, some bomb attacks, and also a number of bank robberies. These have all been blamed on a small group called the National Socialist Underground whose said goal is to recreate the Germany envisioned by Adolf Hitler. At least that is the official story; however, I discovered a while ago that those blamed for various atrocities are not always those found ultimately guilty after a bit of time and research, see: Lo and behold, there has already emerged a whiff of secrecy and corruption over this case, see: Despite the arrest and prosecution of one of the cell's founder-members, Beate Zschaepe, see:, the ministers still believe that the database is necessary to protect the people from further terrorist outrages. I'm curious to see how the German government plans to define "neo-Nazi" and which kind of person to categorize as such. The remnant organizations of Hitler's original National Socialist German Workers' Party have been banned, so this is a harder job than you might think. Will it include those who have published material stating that they're a neo-Nazi? Or maybe people who have verbally stated to a number of witnesses, say three, that they are a neo-Nazi, or express any kind of far right viewpoint. Be careful not to play loud music late at night if there are three or more people staying in your neighbour's house!

The problem is that such a slippery definition could be expanded and contracted as far as those behind the database want. There are those on the political left who think conspiracy theorists are a part of the far right... people like me! There has definitely been a concerted effort by Canadian socialists and so-called "anti-racists" to brand David Icke with this label, see: I've explained numerous times that this accusation is palpable nonsense, for example see:, but some people just can't seem to hear the obvious. So I and others like me could be considered for an entry if the idea spreads to other countries, as these ideas tend to. And once you've got one kind of potentially dangerous person on a database why not add others on? Muslims? BNP-voters? Gypsies? Irish people? The homeless? The long-term unemployed? Sadly much of the public will support such a scheme, being sure that it's only "those people" who will be targeted, not "respectable citizens" like them. But once different databases have been established for all those different underclasses then they may well include the majority of the population, at which point the organizers of the whole scheme will throw up their hands in mock-exasperation and say: "Oh well, we might as well just put everybody on a single database and be done with it!" The only solution is to expose these scams before we've reached that point and refuse to be registered on any Big Brother databases, especially if they involve fingerprinting or microchips inserted into the body, as they will eventually. As with drugs, we "Just say no!"   

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