Saturday 28 December 2013

Kandle Heeter

A new domestic heat generator is currently doing the rounds in the alternative sphere, marketed under the name Kandle Heeter™, see:; I don’t know whether the spelling mistake is deliberate or not. It’s become very popular with “preppers”, a community of which I am definitely not a part, see: It is a very simple device indeed, a construction of flowerpots and metal rods arranged in such a way that if you place a candle inside it, it will “collect, contain, concentrate and radiate” the heat from the candle. As a bonus it also collects the soot from the candle that would otherwise stain wallpaper or curtains etc. I can see how this might be useful for outdoor camping, indeed many pub garden heaters already use this principle, but what are the benefits of employing it indoors? If all the heat is coming from the candle, why not just burn the candle on its own? Some proponents of the Kandle Heeter seem to think that the device produces more heat than just burning the candle alone. This is impossible; it merely channels the heat already produced by the candle in a particular way, it doesn’t give you any more heat than the candle alone would. To do so would break the laws of physics, Entropy, Thermodynamics and Conservation of Energy. Therefore if you’re planning to use it indoors then it’s a waste of money… Unless… No, it’s alright; I’m not about to turn Skeptic on you! Something else might be going on, something far more interesting. Suppose the Kandle Heeter aficionadoes are right and by placing a candle inside the device you really do get more heat out of the system than you put in, then we are seeing a type of free energy effect. The heat from the candle is merely the trigger to release some kind of esoteric heat source from the zero point field. I’ve spoken a lot about free energy before, see the links below. This heat source is somehow tapped by an interaction with the candle flame, the steel rods and layered chinaware structure. You might think it’s not likely that free energy can be generated by such a simple system, and that some kind of complex piece of engineering is invariably required, but that’s not true. Zero point energy can be accessed with surprising ease; it’s even present in nature, such as in many kinds of weather. Viktor Schauberger discovered that some fish have evolved to use it, see:

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