Saturday 9 November 2013

Rothamsted Update

The event ended relatively peacefully and the trials at the plant sciences laboratory are unfortunately continuing. Here's a debate on Newsnight about it, see: Yet the tide against GM food has not yet turned; it's still very unpopular with consumers. The reason there are so many attempts to allow GM food to be exempt from labelling is because the manufacturers know very well that if it is labelled "contains genetically modified organisms" it will just rot on the shelves. See here for original article: Strangely many voices of support for GM crops are from the hardline edge of the environmental movement, people like Mark Lynas, who has also come to support nuclear power, see: The "New Green" type character has become more and more common in recent years; it includes George Monbiot, Bill Gates, David Attenborough and the many others who want to reduce the world's population, see: Perhaps the agenda behind GMO's is to help with that! See: The apparent "reckless" behaviour of those conducting an experiment in which the human beings of the world are the guinea pigs may not be reckless at all; it may be completely cold and calculated, see:

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