Sunday 10 November 2013

"Marine A"

A Royal Marine has been convicted of murdering a prisoner-of-war while fighting in Afghanistan. The man, known only as "Marine A" was sentenced to life imprisonment at a Court Martial after a recording of the event was found, see: This case gives me a lot of mixed feelings and I've changed my mind several times over it. Of course, as you'll expect, I originally challenged the Military Religious sentiments that emerged after his conviction, and any calls for leniency based on the simple fact that he happens to be in the armed forces; although there are those who have in fact made that special plea, see: His defenders suggest that he be imprisoned for five years instead of life. However I find it ironic that the originators of the War on Terror, the Western authorities like David Cameron's UK Government, are the prosecutors who have accused, charged, tried and convicted Marine A. What right do they have to such moral high ground? This incident has put me in a cynical mood. Perhaps Marine A should not have his jail sentence reduced to five years at all; in fact I'm thinking: should he be acquitted? If he were acquitted at least it would be a refreshing statement of honesty; we wouldn't be faced with this grotesque double standard. Why should Marine A be condemned for simply emulating official Crown policy under his own initiative? In fact I wonder if he would have taken a gun to an unarmed woman of child; I hope not. If so then this puts him ethically head and shoulders over the war-makers who would be willing to do so and do on numerous occasions. The Western Neocon governments have made a decision to wage war in Afghanistan, to kill people so that an oil company can drive a pipeline through their village. If you make that decision then it's hypocritical to shilly-shally about it; either wade in there guns blazing and slaughter every one of the subhuman motherfuckers you can train your sights on... or decide not to go to war at all. Choose! 

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