Wednesday 13 November 2013

Energy Price Rises

I’ve been informed by my electricity provider that they are raising their prices by 8%. This will raise my personal cost of living by at least two pounds a week; and this is just one of the price increases for the basics of civilized life that have squeezed my income down to a point where I wonder whether I’ll cope, and I’m one of the lucky ones. I don’t have any dependent children and I have a regular self-employed job. Unbelievably, energy prices have doubled in the last twenty years. And the governemnts are bringing in fracking and pretending it’s a solution, see:

The letter was curt, professional and unapologetic. “We know this news will be unwelcome to you…” it said. The reasons it stated for this new instalment of the chronic robbery of the British people were threefold: Firstly, the cost of implementing Government policies designed to make the system more “energy efficient”, Carbon Tax and emission regulations in other words. Secondly, the National Grid requires major repair and upgrade, this includes smart meters. Thirdly, the price of energy remains “volatile in an increasing number of key markets”. These three points translate as a pointless and abusive fee for our own deception and imprisonment. Carbon Tax is based on a fraud intended to justify the New World Order, see: Carbon dioxide gas, or Carbon™ as it has been… and it’s no exaggeration to use this term, rebranded, is completely harmless. Smart meters are devices emitting dangerous radiation, and they will broadcast your private and personal energy usage habits to anybody with a decoder who can pick it up. They’re unnecessary, expensive and damaging. Energy prices are always volatile because they’re run by an outer echelon of greedy oil companies and an inner party of Illuminati controllers who want to build a global totalitarian state. With this objective in mind they have supressed and classified zero point energy sources that could free the world, end all poverty and environmental destruction, see: Ustane has had the very same letter, with her own name substituted for my landlord’s of course. To her credit she has phoned up the energy company and spoken to somebody, raising some of these issues. The person on the other end of the phone had an immediate response for her, which is curious; it suggests that many other people have been phoning the company to complain about the very same subjects. This is encouraging! There is also a backlash from some politicians and consumer groups against the price hike, see: We have reason to be hopeful, but any permanent solution to this state-sponsored theft has to take into account the issues I bring up in this article.


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