Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Letter of Appeal

I’ve received written confirmation of my discharge and have sent in a letter of appeal to the dismissing officer. It will probably not be accepted, but it’s important to do it anyway for legal reasons. This is the second letter of appeal I’ve written; the first got lost in the post. I’m having this one delivered by hand by my shop-steward:


Dear Mr.-----,

I am writing to appeal against the decision to discharge me from the NHS Hospital Portering Service, desecond me from (the contractor company) and dismiss me from the Oxford University and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. I believe that the grounds for my appeal are the reasonable request that management reconsider my line of defence against the allegations raised against me. At the hearing of the 6th of January I declared that I strongly suspected that the allegations made against me were fabricated and therefore the entire management case was bogus. I gave my reasons for my position and I expect that under these circumstances any reasonable person would share my suspicions.

I don’t know by whom, when or where this excuse to discharge me was concocted (although I’m virtually certain I know why), and I confess that I have no direct evidence at all, however the circumstantial evidence in support of my position is overwhelming. I am now the fourth individual I know of who holds beliefs that are conventionally known as “conspiracy theories” who has been persecuted for those beliefs through harassment in their professional lives. It seems that the Government (and indeed other governments, this is an international affair) has a covert policy in place to remove from employment, or severely discipline, people who speak openly about these beliefs in public domains and media, regardless of whether their opinions are directly relevant to the duties of their job or not. In light of this revelation we all have a choice: to comply with the unjust and secretive Government directives along these lines, and so unknowingly act as an accomplice in this hidden agenda; or resist it and expose those who are perpetrating it. I’ve made my choice and decided to be one of the latter. I request that management follows my example and does the same.

Porters Pride and Dignity!

Ben Emlyn-Jones


jaylen watkins said...

Thanks for sharing your voice. I am amazed with the content.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I don't think this approach is going to work, mate.

Do you really want your job back, or are you just trying to stir up more trouble for yourself? Because you surely are not helping your cause any by adopting such a paranoid, hectoring and aggressive tone in your appeal letter.