Wednesday, 29 February 2012

CDC Zombie Warning

This is crazy! I didn’t have to look far to find ample material for an update to my previous article; this one is a continuation of that: . Like the previous one, I had to pinch myself when I saw this: . The latest publicized plans for how to deal with a zombie apocalypse scenario have been drawn up by the Centre for Disease Control, an infamous organization, as you’ll be well aware of if you’ve read my report on Dr Len Horowitz’ speech, see: . This is one of those few occasions, not boasting, when I’m completely baffled; what on Earth is going on here?

The motives for this publication are not entirely clear; it seems that they’ve said something extraordinary and included advice as if it is a possible real event. There are a few sentences in which they also remember to include other obviously very real threats like earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes etc, like in the paragraph entitled Better Safe than Sorry, but then they go back to discussing zombies as a very feasible danger. This document is dated May the 16th 2011 and was written by the CDC’s director and head of the Public Health Preparedness and Response agency, a Rear Admiral Dr Ali S Khan. Here’s Dr Khan’s blog: . The notion that the CDC, or Bristol City Council, which is discussed in The Guardian article that is dated just two months later, July 2011, (See linked HPANWO Voice article above) is taking the threat of beasts from horror movies seriously is grotesque in the extreme, but if there is no real zombie threat then why the articles and contingency plans for zombie attacks? Is this some kind of psychological warfare action against the people? If so then it’s a very peculiar one that I can’t see working. It’s too extreme, too outlandish; nearly everybody will just laugh at it. As opposed to the much more convincing, but almost as false, threat of Islamic terrorism. Why not just put out the usual bumf about there being Al Qaeda operatives under all our beds brandishing Mr Sheen cans full of bubonic plague?

The other possibility is that there really is such a thing as zombies and there’s a risk they might really appear. How likely is that? I would like to say: Not very, but can I? I’m interested in the Occult and I’ve learned that there are rites and rituals that supposedly have the power to reanimate a dead body; there’s a long indigenous tradition in Africa of a similar kind that was exported to the West via the Slave Trade in the form of Haitian Voodoo. The word “zombie” derives from an African language. The movies usually explain the emergence of zombies in Supernatural terms, but a few are Sci-fi based and in those the zombies are usually people afflicted by a devastating virus or designer poison of some kind. There have been a lot of zombie movies in the cinema lately; most of the ones I list in the first article are films made in the last ten years; we’ve had the remake of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (very inferior to the original I think). Could it be possible that the Illuminati really can turn people into zombies, either by magickal or technological means? It’s one of the most frightening ideas I’ve come up with!

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si si said...

Scary, they could put that strange fish poison in the water/food supply and zombify the masses. It could be a distraction ploy . They`re probably taking the piss to see how we react, they do av a sick sense of humour.