Wednesday 15 February 2012

Chinese and Russian Secret UFO Landmarks

Background article:

The current edition of Nexus magazine (see Links column on the main HPANWO site) has an article about the strange location in China that Nick Pope reveals in the background article above. A vast area of the Gobi Desert in northwest China has been covered by strange earthworks that from high up in the air can be seen as patterns, almost as if they're a kind of artwork; like 21st Century Nazca Lines. Nexus explains that this area is a vast military compound, a kind of Chinese Area 51. There’s no current answer as to what these strange patterns are and I was only joking in the other article about artists making pictures for astronauts to enjoy! However a member of the HPANWO Forum, Footie McGrew, has kindly reminded me that I once mentioned that very similar structures were photographed from a U2 spy-plane in 1960. I’ve checked my notes and indeed here they are. See at 7.45: . These markings are at located at a highly secretive Russian military base called Kapustin Yar, Russia's equivalent of Area 51.

Does this give us a clue as to what these strange patterns are? No. But it is curious that the directors of two highly secretive facilities in different locations in different countries over 50 year apart have decided to put enormous markings on the ground that can only been seen properly from high above the Earth. Maybe one day we’ll find out exactly why.

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