Tuesday 11 April 2017

Roswell 70

I've organized an event to mark the seventieth anniversary of the Roswell Incident. I was planning to attend one of the events that somebody else might have organized, but it seems nobody is doing one in this country (at the time of writing). There was a big conference in 2007 for the sixtieth; I think it was up north somewhere. I couldn't go, but saw the videos of it, now deleted. It was very impressive; it was organized by the UFOlogist Sam Willey who was only sixteen years old at the time. There is an event in Roswell itself to celebrate seven decades since the crashing of a flying disk on a ranch, see: http://www.ufofestivalroswell.com/; but none at all arranged in Britain... until now. I decided on World Disclosure Day, July the 8th, which falls on a Saturday this year, as luck would have it. The event starts at 12 midday. It is not going to be an elaborate affair. I looked for several function rooms in my hometown of Oxford to book for the afternoon and eventually found one available in a pub called... I kid you not... The White House. This is at 38 Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1-4PD. The room was very cheap to hire so I'm not charging an entry fee (You can give me a voluntary contribution on the day if you like, or if you can). There is car parking at the venue, but if it's full you can always drop your vehicle at the Redbridge Park and Ride a mile down the road. From there you can walk or catch the number 300 bus to the venue. The venue is also less than a mile from Oxford railway station and Oxford coach station. There will be four speakers, Colin Woolford, Tony Topping, Miles Johnston and myself. I hope there will be an active discussion after the speakers on Roswell, UFO's and Disclosure issues. This is a part business and part social gathering. I've set up a Facebook event page, see: https://www.facebook.com/events/260707514339700/, and also the illustration above is a poster for it. Hope to see you there!

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