Monday 3 April 2017

Elisa Lam Update

In 2013 I reported on a very sad and mysterious incident, the death of a twenty-one your old student from Canada called Elisa Lam.
Now a video documentary has been produced by a YouTube user that examines the case in more detail and provides a poignant biography of this young woman's short life. There is a lot of new information in this film that I'd not heard of before and the film explores all the possibilities in detail; but it does not provide a final hypothesis. Was Elisa's death related to her mental illness or the medication she was taking for it? Was she the victim of a Satanic cult that allegedly operates in the hotel, possibly also connected to its dark reputation for serial killers and sex offenders? Was it a murder involving organized crime and police corruption? It might even have been a rather far-fetched but marginally possible conspiracy among the Cecil Hotel's long term residents to prevent the owners renovating and upgrading the place which would raise the fees. The theories get far darker. Was some kind of biowarfare experiment involved? Shortly after Elisa's death a very aggressive strain of tuberculosis broke out among the nearby homeless population. The medical code name for the diagnosis kit used for this disease was "LAM-ELISA". The narrator of the movie dismisses this as a coincidence, but I don't think they should. As I've said before, the coincidence gambit has many fundamental errors, see: There are also several frightening esoteric theories. Elisa might have been playing "the Elevator Game", a supernatural ritual originating in Korea. It can only be performed in a building with ten or more storeys and a lift. The player enters the lift alone and late at night or at another time when few people are around. They must then press the floor buttons in a particular order and when the doors finally open at the end of their journey they enter a parallel universe. In order to return to our own world they must return to the lift and press the buttons in a particular order again. At some point during the spell a blonde woman might enter the lift, probably on the fifth floor. She must be completely ignored. If the player tries to interact with her it could be disastrous. Source: We may never know the answer to what happened to Elisa Lam. The narrator of the film implores the viewer to sign a petition to reopen the case, see: One part of the film really snags on me; in a way it's pretty predictable: "Beneath all of this was a very real young woman... I will endeavour to treat Elisa Lam's memory with the respect it deserves. This was a human tragedy and we must never lose sight of that fact." Am I just imagining the hint of moral blackmail in these words? Just because people have asked questions and expressed doubts does not mean we are heartless. Do we really need reminding about what a tragedy this was? I have a daughter just a year older than Elisa and can envisage the grief her parents must be feeling. In this way the documentary reminded me of the recent BBC travesty about Max Spiers, see: However unlikely it is that any answers will come, the film producer is right; the case of the death of Elisa Lam should be reinvestigated.


Os said...

One of the strangest coincidences in the case is this -

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Yes, that is really chilling.

Anonymous said...

Elisa Lam short film on youtube....Elisa and the two toned black and white shoe