Saturday 2 July 2016

Royal Troon admits Women

The Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland has decided to admit both male and female members after a long period of controversy. In January it was barred from staging the Open Championship for the first time in over a hundred and forty years because of its men-only membership policy. However it has now changed that policy "overwhelmingly" at a special members' meeting. The club's captain Martin Cheyne said: "We have said a number of times recently that it is important for golf clubs to reflect the society in which we exist and the modern world that looks to us. Therefore, I am delighted with the decision taken by members of Royal Troon this evening and look forward to welcoming women to our great Club. It is the right decision for the Club today, and for the generations of golfers that will follow." There is no need for me to restate the double-standards inherent in this saga or the danger it poses to human mental and social integrity; please see the background links for more detail. It's not even as if Royal Troon is a public institution like the railways. It is a private organization. There is no justification for the removal of male spaces and therefore a breach of the universal right to free association. This is why feminists will refuse to discuss it; it endures through dedicated non-discussion. The few pundits willing to speak out at all just mutter incoherencies about "white, heterosexual male privilege"; but I think such privilege is a myth. Thankfully we have popular voices speaking out from the other side like Milo Yiannopolous, see:, and Sargon of Akkad, see: It has occurred to me that I am privileged, but not in the way the SJW's think. I enjoyed a male space for most of my life. Hospital portering has always been a male-dominated profession. There are women in the service, but nowhere more than 10%; usually much less. Why? Because hospital portering is a dirty, low-paid unglamourous job.

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