Monday 7 April 2014

Save the Stonehenge Sunrise

When I first brought this up on Facebook people told me it was an April Fool’s joke, but it wasn’t. The Ministry of Defence is expanding the Larkhill military installations on the Salisbury Plain; this development will include new barracks for hundreds of redeployed troops and their families. The problem is that the project might involve constructing buildings which breach the Stonehenge sun-gap. This is an area of land which makes up the horizon for somebody standing at the focal point of Stonehenge where on the Summer Solstice, the 21st of June, the sun rises in a line of sight specially designed by the builders of the monument. The sun gap was established over a century ago in the early history of the Larkhill garrison. A set of aircraft hangers was built there in 1910, but it was agreed upon by the land owner of Stonehenge, a long time before it was bought by English Heritage, and the Ministry of War that a gap should be left on the point the Solstice sunrise is visible where nothing could be built that would obstruct the view of the sunrise from Stonehenge; it’s only a hundred and fifty yards across. This new proposal might breach that agreement. The MoD established a consultation period which ended on April the 1st, hence the misplaced suspicion of April Foolery; however this is not a deadline. It’s still early days yet in the planning application process and the druids and other pagan leaders at Stonehenge are confident that the sun-gap agreement will be sustained. Respecting the sun-gap will probably be inconsequential for the Larkhill barracks expansion; however, it behoves us to monitor this situation carefully over the coming months and not become too complacent. Better remain alert than fail to act before it’s too late. Source: and:

Stonehenge is one of many hundreds of ancient megalithic sites in the British Isles, but it is by far the most famous; probably because it’s one of the most elaborate and complex. It was aligned with meticulous precision to denote the position of the sun throughout the year, some say the moon and constellations too. It represents a lost wisdom, a primeval halcyon age before the Illuminati took control of the world. The way that such a place might be so thoughtlessly overlooked in the modern world seems very appropriate. You might argue that the monument is not being overlooked; that’s the point of the sun-gap and how the Government has been very cooperative about the whole business for over a hundred years now. However I suspect that this agreeable attitude they have comes merely from the fact that in this situation it’s no big deal to them. They still have plenty of room on Salisbury Plain to plonk their barracks elsewhere if necessary. But if it came to a head and they wanted that land badly enough, they’d take it without a second thought. As the historian Michael Wood once said, we’ve seen the end of sacred times, the triumph of profane times. Nothing symbolizes that profanity for me more than modern mechanized warfare. So there is something eerily poignant about this issue. That being said however, I don’t think Stonehenge is the most symbolic example that could have occurred; we’re not in the Avatar movie yet. On my visits to Stonehenge I’ve felt the same as many other people have about the place: it has a bad psychic atmosphere, a sense of darkness. It’s as if terrible things have happened there. The archaeological evidence supports that because many bodies have been found around the area of people who died by violence. It could be that a huge battle was fought there, or a mass human sacrifice. These skeletons date back to the era that the monument was built which demonstrates what I’ve said before, that an absence of the Illuminati does not necessarily equal the presence of paradise, and I don’t think it ever will. There are also many witnesses who have gone on record stating that the site has been used for satanic ritual activity in historical times too, even shockingly close to the present day. The purpose of these rituals may be to poison the Earth’s aetheric grid with dark energy and many sacred sites are satanically abused for this reason. This is why churches are often built on ley lines. Maybe destroying the sun-gap with a military installation is simply the Satanic Elite’s new method in their omnicidal and ecocidal War on Terra. Either way, I’m glad that the spiritual guardians of Stonehenge seem to be nicely on the ball and I don’t think the authorities will get away with their plot. Nevertheless, watch them like a hawk!

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