Wednesday 9 April 2014

Karen Hudes on who Really controls the World

A couple of months ago I discussed the illicit revelations of the former World Bank official Karen Hudes, see: Since then every time she opens her mouth her declarations become more and more explosive. From the start she said that there were “corrupt forces” in control of the world’s economy, a cabal which places its agents in all the major governments and corporations. Most recently she has announced that there was a botched false flag nuclear attack on October the 8th last year in Charleston, South Carolina USA. What’s more there are initiates of the Knights Templar high up in the White House administration. In a recent interview on Red Ice Radio she stunned even those closest to her hitherto when she explained how there is a group behind the Jesuits whom she accuses of the Kennedy Assassination and the manipulated dollar crash. They are “not human beings”. She cites a neurologist called Dr Edward Spencer, however many of us will already be familiar with this idea because it’s been widely written about by David Icke, Credo Mutwa, Brian Desborough and many others. The ruling elites of the world from Egypt and other ancient civilizations are descended from extraterrestrial intelligent beings and those bloodlines still control the world today. According to Hudes, aliens abductions are MilAbs, military abductions, staged by these beings; they are not from outer space but are a second intelligent species from right here on Earth. For some people this new development goes too far, and the question has inevitably emerged of whether Ms Hudes is a disinformer or a placewoman put out to discredit other financial whistleblowers (Ironically Hudes accuses Edward Snowden of being one of them). It’s always wise to be on our guard against that kind of thing, for example check this out:, but I advise against throwing Karen Hudes into that dustbin right now. I have other reasons to take seriously what David Icke and others have been saying for many years; if so why shouldn’t Karen Hudes have come across the same information? She only brings up the subject of the second species after the Henrik, the Red Ice presenter, pushes her. At first she doesn’t want to talk about it; she says: “There are still some groups behind them (the Jesuits) but we’re still working to understand who those groups are; and if I start telling you, you won’t listen to the rest of it.” Henrik says: “Why not? I think you should. Here’s your opportunity to get to the core of it.” See here from 21.40: What’s more she was right in her prediction about the strange continuing slump in the price of gold. In my view, it’s very premature to slap on the shill tag, at least not to the point where it becomes a permanent tattoo.

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