Friday, 4 April 2014

15,000 Kids and Counting

Channel 4 have broadcast the first in a new three part fly-on-the-wall documentary called 15,000 Kids and Counting and it follows child protection social workers on their rounds, and the families in which they intervene. It’s currently available on 4OD, see: The social workers featured are only identified by their first name so they can’t be checking for involvement in Common Purpose, see: They are portrayed as heroes who care deeply about the welfare of children and who have the painful but essential duty of separating children from their parents, but it’s all for the child’s own good. Conversely the viewer is shown the parents as bad-tempered and alcoholic chavs who hurl abuse and threaten both each other and the social workers they have to deal with. One of the parents, Emily, has had her child placed under an emergency protection order because of her supposedly young age, eighteen, and her partner’s criminal record. Her partner, Matthew, protests his innocence, interspersed with a shot of a CCTV camera surrounded by an anti-vandalism cage. But also Emily had to undergo multiple psychological assessments and even an IQ test. I’ve heard of mothers being promised the return of their children on condition that they take Prozac. I can deeply sympathize with their predicament because in 2005 my own daughter was almost taken into care. I felt that social services were actively searching for ways to condemn me and my ex-partner, my child’s mother, as incompetent and irresponsible. I was also assessed by a psychologist and was pronounced as mentally ill and incapable of being a decent father. I still find this difficult to write about because my memories of the episode are very sore. The scene in which Matthew loses his temper at 14.28 reminds me of one thing that I definitely detected when I was at similar meetings. The social workers deliberately tried to provoke me through subtle inflammatory digs and passive aggression. Luckily I was a Hospital Porter and therefore trained in conflict management and their tricks did not work with me. There are many falsehoods in this programme, for instance the idea that any care order will first attempt to place the child within the parents’ extended family; this is not true. There was never any question of this in the care order looming over my own family. I was told from the outset that my child would be placed with a foster family. In the end we managed to avoid the care order, but only because I agreed to move into a house and live with my ex-partner, a very difficult situation for me. The ultimate nightmare would be forced adoption, in which your child is moved into another family under permanent custody. In these cases the parents often never see their child again.
Today there are over a hundred thousand children living in care away from their natural family, that’s an average-sized city of people who are wards of the state. As Brian Gerrish has exposed, the Government has an agenda to break up families, destroy the lives of parents and raise children itself, see: Millions of perfectly loving and responsible parents are being threatened with losing their children. Evidence is being fabricated and their characters are being assassinated in order to achieve this. Social services are issuing more care and protection orders than ever before; this is seen as a success, defending the youngest members of society from child abuse and preventing tragedies, like Victoria Climbie, see: The truth is very different; it’s a plan to engineer society into a totally different form in which the natural family no longer exists. Unless we put a stop to it, I predict that child care law will change so that instead of the need to issue court orders to take children away, all couples will need to apply for “parenting licenses” and will be unable to raise children without that. The end result will be a situation in which the whole concept of parents will vanish from society and all children are brought up communally by the state. There was a lot of clever camerawork in 15,000 Kids and Counting. A good TV producer can manipulate perception with as much skill and duplicity as social services use and I think they have. This TV show is another piece of propaganda. I’ve spoken about this kind of thing before, see: and:   


Anonymous said...

This programme is so far from the truth , An ex junkie that did not give a toss about her baby son and 2 couples that clearly gave up to quick . What about the parents that have fought to keep or get there children back but lost them to lies and corrupt court's . I personally fought for my children for almost 5 years but lost them to adoption through lies and a corrupt family court . I have proved through this time that the social work dept in Glasgow are full of bullshit and lies , Stealing children that are happy - safe and are doing well health wise .

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. Thanks for commenting. So sorry you lost your kids. I came so close to the same. Govt authorities are definitely kidnapping children in their thousands from decent loving parents.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said Ben. My youngest daughter was adopted a year and a half ago whilst my two eldest were placed with their father. My situation was that I had undiagnosed bipolar disorder. The social work department persued my children for over a year, until my mental health deteriorated to such a degree that I felt unable to look after my children. In hindsight I don't know what the outcome of the three year battle to get my children back would have been with diagnosis and treatment when I relinquished residency initially. Although I do know I made the social worker clear about my reasons for this decision. She was aware i had been previously diagnosed with depression and I had always maintained i felt my mental health problems were more complex than depression and this was the reason I felt I had to place my children in care initially. In the four years I was demoralized by Cumbernauld social work department I consistantly faced lies, inflammatory digs and passive aggression which only made my health worse. I love my children very much and still have contact with the two oldest. I have been receiving treatment for almost two years now and hope to have a completely stable handle on this condition completely by the end of the year. So I am in a much happier place for the first time in years. I just wish that I was given the correct medical treatment at the time as I feel that denying I had a more complex disorder made it impossible for me to regain residence until it was too late and I would not feel that my child had been stolen. I want what's best for families and if not living with birth parents is best in the long term for a child. If I had been an adult who was given appropriate treatment and support in the short term initially but failed to get well in time, I would feel I had tried my best for my children and would understand completely the social work departments motives. I have a condition but i believe i am a very loving and devoted parent with my children. I am not the person they portrayed. I wish they would be more honest and make the priority to support families to stay together and thus give families opportunity to address all concerns the social work may have. Its sad as there are often grave concerns for parents with mental health issues and adopted children too. The effect of adoption on children is not always as positive as these sanitised documentaries would have people believe. My youngest child's father was adopted and I believe this was definitely an issue which contributed to his mental health problems and thus his early demise. Why cheat parents out of their children and ignore real problems? If there are real concerns which prevent parents from parenting the truth should suffice.