Friday, 25 April 2014

An Old Trick Reused

Antisemitism is defined as a hatred or prejudice against Jews and Judaism and it has been used many times in history as a political tool to enforce reforms that would otherwise be very unpopular, to divert people's attention from the genuine causes of social problems and to justify speedy and extreme new policies. The best modern example was Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime that ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. Hitler instituted a draconian system of extreme security measures and the fundamental abolition of democracy that would probably have been vehemently and universally rebelled against by the entire country had he not presented his ideas as a solution to what he called Der Judenfrage- "The Jewish Question", in which he blamed all Germany's ills, defeat in the Great War, governmental corruption, economic chaos etc etc, on the Jews. Antisemitism has not been used on such a scale since then, however the deception system behind it seems to be perennial. The only difference these days is that Muslims have been pilloried as the Evil-Bad-Guys-We-Must-All-Hate-And-Fear. So much of the current landscape of national and international politics is born out of this dread of Islam; this is something I've explored in detail before, see: However, in recent weeks a new angle has emerged in the current crisis in Ukraine; a pamphlet has been distributed in the city of Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine, which orders all Jews to register with the local ethnic Russian militia which is occupying the city's government buildings. A group of men dressed in balaclavas handed these out to Jews leaving a synagogue. It turns out that this pamphlet is probably not an official publication and was put together by a dissident tendency within the breakaway region; however it does raise concerns that the drive for a new war in Ukraine, maybe even a plan to make it spread further afield, could be dusting off the very old Antisemitism chestnut again.

I get sick and tired of hearing false accusations of Antisemitism being hurled at completely and blatantly innocent people simply because they're concerned about the New World Order. I myself have had this slanderous epithet slapped on me because I think there is an international conspiracy going on to create a global fascist/communist state. It matters not that I have written a long and detailed article which comprehensively and categorically exonerates Jews from being involved in it, see: Many people will immediately jump to the conclusion that anybody who talks about the New World Order conspiracy is automatically claiming that Jews are the conspirators behind it. If you deny it, then your denial will be interpreted as confirmation; you cannot win! I sometimes think these accusers would benefit from spending some time in Donetsk and other places like it where real Antisemitism is going on. Perhaps they could voice their concerns about nasty people like me to those who have been verbally abused or physically attacked in the streets and have had their homes firebombed because they're Jews. I can guess what reply they'd get! It's possible the call for Jews to register will be an abortive piece of tomfoolery which will cease soon; I hope so. However scapegoating, divide-and-rule and what David Icke calls "problem-reaction-solution" have proven themselves to be very effective methods of psychological warfare. If it doesn't work with the Jews then the authorities will probably go back to Muslims, or communists, or Asians or black people or... Norwegians! It's a trick they keep using because it keeps working. It's up to us to get wise and to stop being duped by it. When the trick stops working they will stop using it.


Marcel said...

Bigotry is an inevitable reality of any political uprising. It's what the media chooses to emphasise that's most telling (and how quickly the media is content to forget the nasty element of an uprising they favour). I'd be only half surprised if I woke up to the breakfast news tomorrow to find that they'd started referring to Eastern Ukrainians as savages.

West = eloquent students (female preferably).

East = soldiers and bigots.

Propaganda for dummies.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Marcel, this is definitely the kind of rhetoric we should expect to be hurled at us. Anticipation is defence; good work,!