Friday, 18 April 2014

Flying Black Ring at Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa is the birthplace of the famous occultist Aleister Crowley and that's quite appropriate because the place is full of esoteric symbolism, neoclassical architecture and has a lot of similarities to Bath, another place that I've travelled to several times, see: Not that I'm claiming what happened there last Friday is relevant to all that, but it does raise questions. What happened was that in the evening a sixteen year old girl called Georgina Heap was playing tennis when she noticed a black torus-shaped object in the sky above her; "It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen!" she said. She filmed it with her mobile phone and that video can be seen in the source link below. It's hard to tell the size of the black ring because we don't know its altitude, or vice versa. It appears very solid in structure, although it seems to have wisps of vapour or fumes surrounding it. It's clear from the stillness of the tree nearby that there was very little wind at the time. The Met Office are baffled and... of course... the press asked Nick Pope to comment. Nick speculated that it might be a smoke ring or a swarm of insects, but conceded that he could not explain it. I must admit it does look very like a smoke ring to me. A smoke ring forms when a puff of smoke is ejected quickly into clean air. Friction between the outer layers of the puff and the air it's propelled through cause it to curl back around itself; eventually it will start spinning until the whole puff collapses into a torus. Smoke rings can be created easily by blowing cigar smoke out of your mouth; sometimes smoke from a gun can form a ring around the muzzle. They can even form around volcanoes.

This subject came up in the Cognoscence Yahoo group and a member, Neil, was very helpful in researching it. A local newspaper reported that the black ring was "probably" produced by a pyrotechnics display at nearby Warwick Castle, part of its 1100th anniversary celebrations, see: This is almost identical to a case last year in Florida USA, see: This is a possibility, made more likely when Neil discovered that the place where the Leamington Courier photographed the black ring was not in Leamington Spa anyway, but in Warwick, in the car park of the racecourse just west of the castle; Georgina Heap was at some tennis courts just east, so it's possible to triangulate the ring's location in the sky, and it's just above the castle. The problem is that smoke rings cannot last for very long because air turbulence will inevitably disperse them, even in the still air of an indoor space; outdoors it would be far more difficult. Of course there was no strong wind that day, as I said above, but dead calm conditions comparable to indoors are almost unknown outdoors, especially at high altitude. This one maintained its form for three minutes then it "disappeared", although it doesn't say how that disappearance took place. I'd be interested to see if this Trebuchet fireball show creates any more smoke rings in the future that are as persistent as this one. Could we be looking at a cover-up similar to the "missile story" used to dismiss the Norway Spiral, see: If so, what are they covering up and why? Well, the effect in the sky could be connected to Aleister Crowley, because the famous magickian was fond of casting spells which opened up portals between our universe and others, like the Abramelin Working. He was very irresponsible in his actions though because he often used to open these portals without closing them behind him after he'd finished using them. Symptoms of an errant portal can be door or gate-like formations in the air; the film The Mist and also Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy of books are very much inspired by this concept, see: Why would there be a cover up? Because the authorities desperately try to suppress interest in any phenomena like that. I must say this is unlikely, and if further Trebuchet displays produce more smoke rings, then forget I suggested it. If it does then these features will become as normalized as birds for the people of Leamington Spa. Neil thinks that this is a purposeful non-story intended to discredit genuine UFOlogy and paranormal research even more. This is also quite likely.

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