Sunday 18 August 2013

Santos Bonacci live in Leicester

I’ve been to see Santos Bonacci live at Truthjuice Leicester; this was one of the many stops on Santos’ very busy UK tour: I travelled there as usual with Ustane, see links column on main HPANWO site, who was even keener to meet Santos than I was, having become a very dedicated fan of his. Our journey was complicated by the closure of Nottingham Station for renovation, but we arrived at the venue in good time; it was The Music Cafe, a charming pub/nightclub/theatre with a bohemian atmosphere and clean, comfortable surroundings. Santos’ lecture lasted all afternoon, with breaks, and was packed with information about how the most familiar religious texts in the world, like the Old Testament, the Gospels, the Holy Quran and Torah, are in fact full of symbolism and allegories of the stars and planets. The same goes for more recent religious artwork, like Leonardo da Vinci’s and the architecture of the Vatican City and medieval cathedrals. Santos calls his field of study “Astrotheology”. There’s no doubt that whoever created these works knew an awful lot about the sky above us and wanted to encode that information cryptically into them. In fact Santos says there are seven levels of metaphor; rather like Masonic lore. Adherents to the great religions of the world interpret them literally, but on a higher level they’re intended to tell a very different story. Who really wrote them and for what purpose? Who knows?

We first encountered Santos Bonacci while we were waiting in the queue outside; he is smaller than I expected, only five foot something and he’s very slender. He greeted us with a broad smile and twinkling, bright dark eyes. He came across as very warm and down-to-earth, and he conversed eagerly with the people there. He is also very easy-going in a crisis. When his PowerPoint failed at a crucial moment… which PowerPoint tends to do very often… he just chuckled and carried on with his speech while the technical support crew fiddled desperately with it. Besides which, Santos’ main visuals have always been a white board; I bet if one were available, he’d been fine using a good old fashioned blackboard and chalk. In my view, the simplicity and reliability of this medium outweighs the sophistication and urbanity of PowerPoint; a point not lost on me during my trip to Hull, see: He speaks with a lively and intelligent tone, and a strong Australian accent; he’s an expert linguist and sometimes does interviews in Spanish. He is of Italian extraction and speaks the lingo fluently, and also Japanese, French and Portuguese I’ve heard. He’s been researching his subject for over thirty years, but has only become famous within the alternative community fairly recently. Since then however his findings have filled a major gap in our attempts to uncover the esoteric world hidden from us by the Powers-that-Be, a quest undertaken by such greats as Lincoln, Baigent and Leigh, Lynne Picknett, Laurence Gardener and others. Santos Bonacci deserves to be included among those for sure. I do recommend going to one of the other shows on his tour if you get the chance, see: and: As if often the case at these events, I met up with many other people, some old friends and some new. Heidi King was there too, see: and: Thanks to Santos for this event and everybody else involved in organizing it.      

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