Monday 19 August 2013

Internet Bullying PRS

For many years now I've talked about Internet "trolls", people who have nothing better to do with their lives than antagonize other people online, see: Indeed, I've had them myself. I'm also acutely aware that some people targeted by trolls are far more vulnerable than a certain tough, ugly ex-Hospital Porter you might be familiar with. I know of many cases in which trolls have driven some people to depression and even suicide. In such cases there's blood on the hands of the trolls, as far as I'm concerned, and they should be treated as murderers.

My first instinct was to rejoice when the mainstream news covered not one, but three such cases in the space of a week, see: and: and: But then I remembered that the UK Government has been trying to pressure the law into bringing Internet censorship in, see:, so sadly there's no doubt in my mind that the ordeal of the women on Twitter and memory of the two young people who killed themselves is being exploited for this agenda. Now anybody who doesn't agree with Internet censorship will be branded "heartless and uncaring about the victims of cyberbullying!". Believe me, nobody feels more sympathy than I do for those trolled! But we must still be on our guard against harnessing their plight to a scheme to shut down the people's access to free information. The ultimate goal of the Government's plan is to have the ability to block any website that publishes suppressed information and promotes subversive thinking... like HPANWO.

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