Friday 12 July 2013

The Orange Order Marches

Today is the 12th of July, the day of the traditional Orange Order marches in Northern Ireland, see: This organization was supposedly set up for contemporary political purposes, to defend Ulster Protestantism and British Unionism. Its name comes from the House of Orange, the bloodline of King William III of England, who became king after he defeated King James II in the Battle of the Boyne which took place in 1690 at County Meath in Ireland, not in England at all; odd that when you think about it. King William was not even English, he was a Dutchman; the House of Orange still occupies the throne of the Netherlands and the incumbent King Willem-Alexander, is William III's descendent. The Orange bloodline are also instrumental in setting up the furtive and sinister Bilderberg Group in 1954, see:; and they established the Duchy of Marlborough, based at Blenheim Palace near Oxford, see: The Orange Order's parade and other riituals commemorate and glorify William's victory in the battle. Their opponents are the Irish republican nationalist movements like Sinn Fein and the IRA. The conflict that ended up in the Troubles of the 20th century is very old and can be traced back to the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century which eventually led to the partitioning off of Northern Ireland in 1921 which was the will of the Protestant Unionists. The nationalists have the opposite goal: a united Ireland. For their objectives both sides have inflicted and endured horrors for centuries.

As is so often the case, this conflict has been interpreted by general politics in a deceptively simple way. Most patriotic and conservative British people support the right of Northern Ireland to exist because they like the idea of the British Empire and see it as a force for good. Left wing types believe the British installed the Ulster Protestants because they were "their kind of people" and the nationalists fighting back are striking a blow for freedom against imperialism etc. Most Leftists want to see a united Ireland; some even support IRA terrorism. But the truth is, inevitably, far more complicated than that. The deeper reasons for the situation in Ireland have never been completely revealed, but some excellent research done a few years ago by somebody called Andrew Power have shed some much-needed light on the issue. He wrote an earth-shaking book called Ireland- Land of the Pharaohs, which was unfortunately not in print for long; Power then dropped off the scene for undisclosed reasons and has not been heard of since. (There is a free PDF copy of Power's book online. I'm not completely sure of the copyright status of this link, but seeing as Ireland-Land of the Pharaohs has been out of print for many years and the author is no longer active, I'm guessing there is no current problem with posting it. However if a new edition of the book is ever published, or if the copyright-owner asks me, I will immediately edit this post and remove it: There are still a few online recordings of a radio interview the author did for the book's launch in which he describes the theory behind his book: Power is a former member of the Black Preceptory, an elite degree within the Orange Order. He says that the Order being modelled on Freemasonry was not just an arbitrary folly; it was done because the Order is a serious secret society. The highest levels of the Orange Order are keeping a huge secret about the Battle of the Boyne. Power says he's spoken to both professional archaeologists and amateur treasure hunters who have been scouring the battlefield for valuable detritus like bullets, cannon shot and uniform buttons etc; and they have found surprisingly little. That is because the battle was in fact not a battle at all, but an occult Illuminati ritual; the full details are in the book and radio interview. It took place where it did because the land around modern County Meath is the site of the ancient home of Irish royalty, Tara; the River Boyne actually symbolizes the River Nile, but this is a long and complex story which I recommend you follow in the book or radio show. Long before even Tara was built, the land around the River Boyne, called Bru na Buinne, was some kind of holy or sacred place. Just a short distance from the battlefield is the neolithic monument of Newgrange, which is also some kind of solar temple.

How does this relate to modern Ireland and today's Orange Order marches? I have no doubt that the conflict in Ireland is being used to preserve the power of both sides, as can be found over and over again in history and the world today. David Icke has written about the connections between Irish republicanism and the Jesuits and Freemasonry, so these deeper currents are not just confined to the loyalists and Orangemen. Also see the revelations of SAS man Paul Bruce: The modern Irish Republic has sold itself out completely to the European Union; it is catastrophically bankrupt thanks to the mismanagement of its economy, not really mismanagement but sabotage, see: The power of the Vatican is present everywhere; in fact today it became one of the last countries in Europe to legalize abortion, see: For anybody who is politically-active and has chosen to take a side in the Irish conflict, please ask yourself: do you want to choose between the Vatican and Rothschild controlled Republic of Ireland and a territory of the Queen or England's British Empire, both of which are controlled by sun-worshipping black magickians? Why does it matter so much to you? Do you really think it makes a scrap of difference which side wins? The only way Ireland, and the rest of the world, can awake from this nightmare is when we become aware of the true forces ruling it.


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Here's an extract from Trapped in a Masonic World;

The Orange Order in December 2009 held secret talks with Northern Ireland‘s two main unionist parties
the Democratic Unionist Party, [DUP] and the Ulster Unionist Party [UUP]. The main goal of these talks was to form greater unity between the two parties, in the run-up to the May 2010 general election. Sinn Féin‘s Alex Maskey said that the talks exposed the Order as

―A very political organisation. - Shortly after the election, Grand Master Robert Saulters called for a single unionist party to maintain the union.He said in a very Purplite revolutionary way;
―...that the Order has members who represent all the many shades of unionism, and warned; ―We will continue to dilute the union if we fight and bicker among ourselves.

Just like the Freemason fraternity in general, they have affiliation groups and organisations all over the world, and as I‘ve already said, many other Orange Order marches and parades also take place in these other countries. Even a distinct women‘s organisation has grown up out of the Orange Order, called the
Association of Loyal Orange-women of Ireland, this organisation was revived in December 1911 having been dormant since the late 1880‘s. They have risen in prominence in recent years, largely due to protests in Drumcree.

The women‘s order is parallel to the men‘s order, and participates in its parades as much as the males, apart from all male‘ parades and all ladies‘ parade
s respectively. The contribution of women to the Orange Order is recognised in the song;―Ladies Orange Lodges O! The Royal Black Institution was formed in Ireland in 1797, two years after the founding of the parent body.

Although it is a separate organisation, one of the requirements for membership in the Royal Black is membership of the Orange Order and to be no less than 17 years old. The membership is exclusively male and the Royal Black Chapter is generally considered to be more religious and respectable in its proceedings than the Orange Order.

The society is formed from Orangemen and can be seen as a progression of that Order although they are separate institutions. Anyone wishing to be admitted to the Royal Black Institution must first become a member of an Orange Order Lodge, and many are members of both.

The Royal Black is often referred to as the senior of the loyal orders. In Northern Ireland it holds a very colourful annual parade in the village of Scarva, County Down on the 13th July [the day after the Orange Order's 12th July celebrations] and often has as many as 100,000 people in attendance. It is commonly referred to as - The Sham Fight. The other major parade of the year is ―Black Saturday, also known as―Last Saturday, held on the last Saturday in August at several locations throughout Northern Ireland. The Royal Black Institution has adopted a more conciliatory attitude to contentious parades than the Orange Order, and is less overtly political, though not without political influence and clout, though they often say, it‘s the quiet ones you want to watch out for.

Neil Jarman author of; The Endless Parade stated that the difference between the Royal Black Institution and the Orange Order is that; ―The Black Institution is best understood as reflecting the more middle class, rural, respectable, even elite elements of Orangeism.

The stronger emphasis on religion as opposed to politics or history is shown in their parade banners which usually depict Bible scenes rather than scenes from history. The origins of the institution are clouded with much secrecy, however information does exist that demonstrates its true roots.

Free copy of Trapped in a Masonic World;

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Great blog by the way

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Thanks, Anon.

Thanks for the info too :-)

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Ben, hello from Ireland. Thanks for this and all you do. But abortion should not be part of Ireland and Irish culture. We need to stop this kind of killing that was and is sanctioned by all political parties in Ireland, incl; sinn fein. Some Independent politicians and some from the parties voted no, but it's not enough. The enemy of Ireland is not of old, but is now within. Rise now children of IRELAND. GOD BLESS.

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Hi Anon. You're very welcome, glad you enjoy HPANWO.
I don't clarify in this article, but I am actually very pro-life. I've covered the Irish controversy over abortion in other articles. For example see: