Friday, 7 September 2012

X-Factor Heroine

X-Factor already has a winner! At least in my books.

I don’t make a habit of watching Reality TV of any kind; in fact it’s something I regard as very ugly, (see here for background: ) but a friend of mine on YouTube sent me this and I’m glad he did. See:

This young lady, Ariel Burdett, won my heart when she walked in and immediately threw her numbered body sticker at the judges like that. “I’m not a number! I’m a human being!” Well said indeed! It was probably adapted from that classic line in The Prisoner: “I am not a number, I’m a free man!” I had already decided to make her my heroine before the next bit when, after she’s sung, she told the characteristically smug and dismissive judges: “It’s an academic construction… you’re obviously not an academic.” Again, words of gold! X-Factor, like all Reality TV shows, goes into a state of hyperallergic reaction whenever it gets the tiniest whiff of brain cell odour from anybody involved! She showed them up good and proper! Shine on, Ariel!

As you can see above, I screen-capped Cowell’s face at the moment he reacted to her. I want this one framed!

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