Thursday 6 September 2012

Cold Fusion Still Ongoing

The American company National Instruments are currently engaged in experiments with the "anomalous heat effect" AKA Cold Fusion. I'm interested to see the progress of this project because with all the others up till now funding has "coincidentally" dried up from all the sources and the scientists working on it are "reassigned", see: nomalous-heat-effect-aka-cold-fusion

Here's a lecture by Dr Robert Duncan for NI. I was very surprised to see that the “Anomalous Heat Effect” has been observed since 1926! But should I be surprised? Nikola Tesla and other scientists produced papers for Free Energy devices 30 or more years before even that. Many of these papers are still classified:,AAABNMyTt4E~ ,zX_oRi5kDcwYjRdQ0uLi-4wtWm_sYURl&bctid=1586356190001
I’ve written to Dr Duncan to ask him if he wants to be a guest on HPANWO Radio (See links column)

See here for background:

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