Tuesday 4 September 2012

Pyramids in Antarctica

See: http://scienceray.com/biology/man-made-ancient-pyramids-found-on-antarctica/

If this is true then it confirms what many researchers have suggested for years, like Rand Flem-Ath and Graham Hancock, see the Links column on the main site. However the article doesn't say who this "team" is. Are there any interviews? Any original report documents? Nevertheless the photoes are intriguing. I'll be keeping and eye on this story.


The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

As you say, the article is a little sparse on details, but I think this is one to watch.
Carl (The 'Guide)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Cheers, Carl. It is a bit sparse. I've been sent another message giving more details, but I don't know where it comes from.