Thursday 27 September 2012


This has recently come to my attention: It reminded me of the BEZERK! thread on Godlike Productions which I wrote about a while back, see: Now an Asian intelligence agency reports that Chinese naval vessels are present off the coast of northern California and are involved in a joint combat operation with the US Navy. The said mission is to combat a "highly unfriendly extraterrestrial threat". There are only rumours and no official statements.
The most interesting line is: "As to this being a total 'hose job,' I don’t see any advantage in it." I'm not familiar with American military parlance, but if a "hose job" refers to the deliberate seeding of false UFO stories by the Government to launder their real intelligence operations, as suggested by Mark Pilkington and Nick Cook (see: and: then this is an interesting admission. This story and the BEZERK! thread also connect to what David Griffin has discovered relating to the real reason for the Falklands War, see: The theory is that it was related to the presence of ET's in the region and also this strange intelligent "nano-oil".

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