Friday 18 May 2012

South African Carbonistas Licence Weather Forecasting

The government in South Africa is considering plans to make it illegal for unauthorized and “unqualified” individuals to make predictions of extreme weather events. This follows the record low temperatures in the normally balmy country over the last couple of years. Penalties for breaking this law would be a fine of 5 million Rands, about £300,000, or up to 5 years in prison. Only predictions made by SAWS, the South African Weather Service would be permitted.

For me this sounds like the first step towards licensing meteorology and climatology. I suspect it’s because of the current criticism of the established Man-Made Climate Change dogma by independent researchers like David Bellamy, Johnny Ball and Piers Corbyn. The Carbonista regime is merciless to its internal dissidents! The end goal of this move is to make talking, and even thinking, about weather and climate the legal domain of government-controlled authorities; so wiping out dissent against the Carbon™ Emission agenda and its high priests.
(Source: Dot Connector magazine)

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