Thursday 24 May 2012

Slavefare in Hospitals

I have discovered from a source I’d prefer not to name that the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust in the West Midlands has decided to bring “unpaid jobseekers” into their hospitals to “gain work experience”. See:

That’s another way of saying they’re joining what I’ve christened the “Slavefare” scheme. I’m vehemently opposed to it.
See this article for important background:

As I predicted, Slavefare has been introduced slowly in stages. The ultimate goal is to have all workers, especially the “unskilled” sector, turned into unpaid servants of the state, a return to Roman-style civic slavery. But of course they can’t tell us that openly can they!? Instead they ease it stealthily under our feet so we don’t notice; they play on the greed and fear and of employers and Government bureaucrats, persuading them to endorse the scheme. The statement made by the union spokesman shows a level of naivete and stupidity that I wish was less common in the Trade Union Movement. The slaves will at first be employed only in simple civilian roles, but I bet my bottom dollar that if somebody doesn’t put a stop to it we will see them serving as Porters!

The good news is that there is genuine resistance to Slavefare. A branch of Tesco was invaded by protesters. See: . This is not the first time Slavefare schemes have been trialed by the Government, in fact their history can be traced right back to the earliest period of the Welfare State. All these trials failed because the moral and practical downfalls I describe in the background article and film above. Hopefully this one will go the same way, although this is definitely the most far-reaching and vigourous attempt ever.


Zanthodon said...

This workfare is all very much being brought in under the radar.

The 'Big Society', very much an application of bringing in slave labour (people on benefits) introducing both dependency on benefits and slavery. Very Tavistock.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Very much indeed, Zan. I feel very confident about this issue though. There's a big backlash and the propaganda is failing. :-)