Saturday, 19 May 2012

Big Brother Shoes

See:  “Smart shoe”, very funny! Thanks to HPANWO Forum member “*Kia*” for bringing this to my attention.

As with the story I wrote yesterday about weather forecasting in South Africa, see: , this is another example of a “first step”. This is how oppressive policies are brought onto the Statute books. No politician could get away with announcing: “We, your Government, have decided that we want to be able to track the movements of all people by putting GPS locators into your footwear.” The reaction would be: “No way, Jose! That’s Big Brother!” So instead they bring in a plan to put the locators in just a small section of society: Alzheimer’s Disease sufferers. And they make the plan look attractive with platitudes like: “You’ll never lose Grandma again!” But what they won’t tell you is that this is a secret pilot scheme for a far bigger project. It’s the old story about the frog and the pan. Throw the frog in while its boiling and it’ll hop out before it gets hurt, but put it in and slowly turn up the heat and it will sit there and boil to death.

They’ll expand it slowly, After the successful trial with the Alzheimer’s cases it will be adapted for your children, then “undesirables” like the homeless, prisoners on parole, and asylum-seekers etc (“They deserve it anyway!”). Before you know it all new shoes in every shop will have these locators in and the frog will be well and truly cooked!

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