Friday 11 May 2012

London Olympic "Security Measures"

The “security measures” for the forthcoming London Olympics are set to exceed those of any Olympics in the past. There is no end of theories of what might take place during the Games, everything from a near-miss with a dirty bomb to an alien invasion, fake or real. Although these theories are all possible and I take them seriously, even if nothing untoward happens and everything goes according to plan, what of the implications for the security measures?

We will have 13,000 troops deployed on the streets of London and an aircraft carrier, HMS Ocean, moored in the River Thames. Surface-to-air missile launchers will be placed on the roofs of skyscrapers and jet fighters will patrol the sky. BBC News has also just announced that a new kind of “sonic weapon” will be used too, see: . This sounds like one of the so-called “non-lethal” weapons invented by the likes of Colonel John Alexander, see: (I should add that the most well-known non-lethal weapon, the Taser, has killed several dozen people since its invention.) And what’s going to happen when the Olympics are over? Are all those boys just going to back to their barracks? Or will the military control of the capital continue? I suspect that the Olympics may well be an experiment to test a nationwide military lockdown.

A lot of these “security measures” are purely psychological. Maybe it’s because of the “Military Religion”, see: , but I think we’re expected to be totally ignorant on this subject, too ignorant to ask the obvious question: What good would an aircraft carrier be against terrorists? It was just like when they had tanks deployed at Heathrow Airport, see: One doesn't need to be Stormin' Norman to know that a tank is a bettlefield weapon and is completely useless against terrorists.The tanks, just like the aircraft carrier, were there for appearences not for security. It's done to create an atmosphere of tension, to remind us that we're in danger, whether that danger is real or not. Whether that danger originates from Muslim militant enclaves, or from secret basements beneath Whitehall.