Saturday 7 April 2012

Good Mural in Oxford

On the side of the house in Union Street, Oxford, there’s an amazing mural. I’ve been meaning to photograph it for some time and decided I’d waited long enough. As you can see it depicts a young black boy tearing up a US Dollar, or Federal Reserve banknote of some kind. The theme of the painting is one only you, the viewer, can decide, but to me it’s a very iconoclastic and nonConformist image: (Just imagine me doing Brian Sewell’s voice!) A rebellion by youth and innocence, as well as Third World common humanity, against the domination of the Western financial system. The mural is also visible on Google Street.

Oxford is famous for its urban folk art, see: Many of you may have already heard about the Bill Heine’s “Headington Shark” etc; this mural in Union Street is a welcome addition to that tradition.
(Update- 25-2-13)

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