Thursday, 2 August 2018

Buzz Aldrin confesses to Moon Landing Hoax?

The conspirasphere has been buzzing because of Buzz Aldrin. Edward E Aldrin Jr. is a NASA astronaut who is one of a two-man crew who supposedly landed on the moon on July the 20th 1969 with the Apollo 11 mission, the first to claim a manned landing on the moon. Aldrin and his fellow spaceman, Neil Armstrong, then supposedly walked on the moon's surface wearing space suits. It is one of the greatest moments in human history. The fuss comes from an interview he did last year with an eight year old girl called Zoey. What he says in this discussion has been assessed by some people as a confession that the moon landings were faked and he did not walk on the moon. The actual dialogue runs thus:
Zoey: Why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time?
Aldrin: (Laughs) That's not an eight year old's question; that's my question. I want to know, but I think I know. Because we didn't go there and that's the way it happened; and if it didn't happen it's nice to know why it didn't happen, so in the future, if we want to keep doing something we need to know why something stopped in the past that we wanted to keep it going (sic). Money is a good thing."

Zoey's question is a very pertinent one. In fact any science fiction or space fan from the 1960's who could see into the future to the present day would gasp in dismay. Progress was so swift in the first decade of space exploration. The first rocket flew into space in October 1957, this was followed by the first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, in April 1961, and then the Apollo missions sent men to the moon and they began just seven years after that. If that rate of advancement had continued we would have had everything that was predicted at the time, a permanent moon base by the 1980's, missions to the outer planets by the 1990's and the ability to take a holiday on Mars by 2018. Yet since the Apollo missions, we have not travelled one single time above low earth orbit. Instead we have such comparative trivialities as the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. Why is the true continuation of space exploration so damn boring? As for Aldrin, I don't think what he says counts as a confession, especially if you watch the entire interview and put the comment into that context, see: Aldrin's manner is strange; he speaks slowly and uncertainly, sometimes tripping over his words. He is eighty-eight years old and has perhaps become afflicted by dementia, which is sadly very common among people of his age group. During the last few years there have been some strange reports about Aldrin's activities, see: Despite this not being a confession, the fact that it was even perceived as one, even mistakenly, has caused such a pressure of conversation that it has forced the mainstream media to cover it in a damage control operation. This Morning hosted a brief debate on the subject and invited on a fake moon landing researcher called Martin Kenny. This is somebody I've never heard of before, which is strange because I thought I knew everybody in this field personally. He makes some valid points but then stumbles in a frustrating manner when the pro-Apollo guest replies to him. He then describes the moon as a "luminary" and continues with some other incomprehensible statements, see: Why was Marcus Allen not in his place, or Mary Bennett, or Andrew Johnson, or myself? In December we will be at the half-century anniversary of Apollo 8, the first manned lunar mission. This will represent a massive informational choke-point for NASA and they will be prepared with more tricks to prevent the truth coming out.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the reaction of most people if the unfettered truth came out, with the full support of the establishment and MSM? lol most folks would go into meltdown as the implications for their world view hit home.

I remember following the GLADIO thing in the 90's in more or less real time as it played out in Italy then Belgium, the shock soon turned to outrage and later despair as the cover-up continued, by the time I'd gone through the 7 stages of grief the story more or less died (ROFL I even wrote to John Major about it) by which time I was researching connections to the war on drugs (an eye opener in it's self). Then 9/11 happened.

I guess 9/11 was a watershed for a lot of folks, but everything I'd learnt up to that point still didn't prepare me for the moment the 'no planes' theory hit me upside the head, man the conditioning is so strong even when you've started to break the programming you struggle to break though another wall, and another, and another, all the while getting more comfortable being the weirdest person in the room.

No. Unfettered truth, it'll never happen. PP.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

PP, I have spent a lot of time imagining it. I've even written two books of speculative fiction about it, and I'm writing a third. People will weep in the streets! I agree that willing Disclosure is impossible, but forced Disclosure is inevitable... painful as it will be.