Saturday 13 January 2018

UFO videos by Mouthy Buddha

A YouTuber content creator has made two fascinating short documentaries about the recent surge in UFO-related news stories, see background links below. He has a brilliant username, "Mouthy Buddha". The first video gives a history of the involvement of Tom Delonge. Last year the rock star got together with a number of former government, intelligence and military industrial complex corporate insiders to set up a company called To The Stars that aims to be the medium for ET Disclosure (I missed out on covering this at the time because it coincided with the publication of Roswell Revealed, sorry). Here's an interesting interview with Tom Delonge on the Joe Rogan Experience: Two of the names on Delonge's list of collaborators are particularly interesting. Hal Puthoff, the CIA parapsychologist who tested Uri Geller in 1973 and, I believe, recruited him as a psychic spy. Another is a name regular readers will recognize, Luis Elizondo, the Pentagon official who ran the recently-declassified UFO research project; see background links below. The second video asks some more relevant questions about the UFO information released in December, the US Navy footage and the Pentagon aerial research project.

What Mouthy Buddha really suspects is going on is some kind of psychological operation similar to that perpetrated on Paul Bennewitz. As I've said before, I don't buy the line that the UFO phenomenon itself is a piece of engineered modern mythology designed by the intelligence services to launder their more down-to-earth secret operations. It's a very risky gambit to draw somebody's attention towards something with the ultimate objective of deflecting it away. It could backfire in any number of ways. I think what we are really facing is a very elaborate double-bluff; see here for details: According to Mouthy Buddha, Delonge is being exploited in the same way Bennewitz was. Unlike Pilkington, MB does not see this UFO disinformation as a distraction from non-UFO secrets, but rather fake UFO secrets being used as a smokescreen to protect the real secrets of UFO's. This is very worrying because if we are approaching a period in history when willing Disclosure is unavoidable, then the government might fall back to a fake Disclosure situation. This is something I myself have suspected. Bryce Zabel said at Exopolitics Leeds that if it turned out that the aliens were evil then we might have to forgive the government for the century of secrets they've kept from us and unite to save the planet. In that case might not somebody get the idea of telling us the aliens are evil even if they're not, in order to wriggle of that particular hook? That is just one example of possible deception waiting in the wings. The recent news stories Mouthy Buddha talks about makes him believe we are currently upstream of some further information being released; I agree. The question is, what will the objective of that revelation be? And can we trust the authorities not to control the revelation in a manner that deceives us for their benefit? I would say no.

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