Wednesday 24 January 2018

Bases Update- January 2018

Miles Johnston of the Bases Project has done a live update featuring myself, see:
We discuss the upcoming Dreaming Saucers conference. Both Miles and I will be speaking there. See here for details: We also review recent media presentations of UFO conspiracy and paranormal subjects. See here for Miles' website:
See here for my previous appearance on the Bases Project:


Franny said...

Dear Ben, is it true that the Egyptians had the internet back in their day along with the Greeks and Romans. They had loads of technology but then the illuminati came along and tore down all evidence of ancient laptops and broadband routers. They put it all in the Sahara desert and destroyed it with a thermonuclear bomb which they also had. So the illuminati and the NWO won even back then. They brought in religion in the dark ages to take people's mind off the destruction of what the early civilisations had achieved. I bet you know more about it then I do though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben I'd love to make Dreaming Saucers. Sounds awesome dude. What Franny said sounds interesting and I think it's quite plausible. I've read that when the reptilian illuminati came down from the Draco constellation I think, they mated with humans to form elite bloodlines. They chose planet earth coz of gold deposits which there's don't have. They turn this gold into monatomic gold which when eaten gives superhuman powers and possibly immortality. There is no reason why gold should cost so much coz its actually very commonplace. People do not know this. Its expensive coz the elite need it to turn into monatomic gold. David Icke agrees I think. I'm unemployed at the moment and have been for a few years but friends and family have given me their gold jewelry they dont want which I plan to put a very high electric current through to turn into pure monatomic gold so I'll experiment and develop certain powers I hope. Id love you to do a blog on monatomic gold. Did you try it ever? When I get some money I'm going to read your books by the way. One day I would love to see you give a lecture about the illuminati. I live near Grimsby and dont know if there are places you can lecture at. Best of luck and warmest regards,

Dale Richardson

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Franny. No, a new one on me. Thanks for the information.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Dale. That's true about the Annunaki. Hope you can get to Dreaming Saucers, even though it's a long journey for you. If you know anybody who wants to hire me as a speaker for an event I'll go there. I did one in Newcastle in November.