Wednesday 29 November 2017

Harry and Meghan

During the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, see:, some young women in the crowd were holding up a banner with the words MARRY ME, HARRY on it. The woman who has ended up succeeding in hooking the man who is generally accepted to be the world's most eligible bachelor, at least since William's wedding, is his long-term girlfriend Meghan Markle. The bride and groom-to-be gave an exclusive BBC interview in which Meghan is proudly wearing an engagement ring that Harry designed in white gold and with a Botswana diamond, see: and: Harry dropped to one knee while they were cooking dinner and Meghan said "yes" before Harry had even finished asking. The Palace has so far only revealed that the wedding will take place "in May"; however the Prime Minister has said that the marriage will not result in a special bank holiday. However there are two bank holidays in May anyway, the May and spring bank holidays (May must be a very easy month for banks). I hope the couple will choose one of those and so it will not be on the weekend of the 12th and 13th because this is when I've booked Dreaming Saucers, see: I will have to change the date if the royal wedding clashes with the event. I won't do this without consultation with the speakers and will choose an alternative date that they can all manage.

It is no longer unacceptable for a prince of the realm to marry a divorcee; Charles married Camilla after all, so the fact that Meghan Markle was married before doesn't matter. However she is an unusual consort in other ways. She is American, although she will become a naturalized Briton in due course and plans to be baptized into the Anglican Church; although she might retain her American passport. It is also obvious from her appearance that she is of mixed race. The royal family are in fact set apart from all other human beings in racial terms, but they still present what resembles white European features. Meghan's maternal ancestry is described as "African American" which is the current politically correct term for a black negroid. She may have been chosen partly for this reason; it will appease the political left, some of whom are calling for the entire abolition of the monarchy and some of their objections are that the institution is racist, for example see: Peter Tatchell also led a protest at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, see: The fact that the Palace announcement stressed that the Windsors would be paying for the wedding shows how sensitive they are to their public image. Notice how I use the word "chosen"? I strongly suspect Meghan was chosen for Harry. The royals do not marry who they want; they marry who they are told to. This is not really a secret; they have done so throughout history and everybody knows that Charles and Diana's marriage was arranged. This is not to say definitely that Harry and Meghan have not sincerely fallen in love, but if they have then it is a lucky bonus. Megan's pedigree will have been thoroughly checked, as Kate's was, and indeed she does have links through her father to the Hapsburg Illuminati bloodline, as do all English monarchs of the last few centuries. In fact she and Harry both descend from the Bowes-Lyon family which includes the Glamis Castle lords, the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother is a direct descendant of this family. Meghan's mother's bloodline is harder to trace because, like most black Americans, her ancestors were sadly slaves. Once somebody was captured as a slave their past was erased from all records. Her earliest known maternal relative was her great-great-great-grandfather who was a slave on a plantation in Georgia. However, it is possible that the royal genealogists have access to more accurate information not available in public. I wouldn't be surprised if she comes down out of the African kings such as the rulers of the Mashona Empire. This is the case with Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama, see: She will also have been carefully screened for hereditary diseases (What about Harry's pedigree? See: What will Princess Meghan's future hold? No doubt she is right now being bitterly envied by millions of women across the world; but perhaps after experiencing royal life from the inside, those feelings of envy will quickly be reversed.

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