Sunday, 19 November 2017

David Icke Hate Campaign

A while I ago I wrote about a resurgence in the organized ongoing attack on David Icke, including the absurd and slanderous assertion that he hates Jews, see: Unfortunately a few too many people are still falling for this line out of ignorance, cowardice or perhaps a combination of the two. Sadly this hall of shame now includes Manchester United FC who cancelled one of David's events to launch his new book. The Guar-ridian has, naturally, sympathized with the Premiership football club. It was actually that pompous rag that started the "Icke is anti-Semitic!" nonsense back in 1993, see: A local charity for the homeless was due to attend and accept a donation from David, but they pulled out... I hope they found a way to explain that to the homeless people! It doesn't matter because David went onto the street and distributed the money himself: Gilad Atzmon is a musician and critic of the Zionist regime in Israel, and he's of Jewish ancestry himself. He believes this outpouring of hate against David has not just happened spontaneously; it is highly organized, see: I wonder if this could explain the problems Dr Nick Kollerstrom and I have had with our live show, see:


Wyldwych's Ramblings said...

Agreed.. there has been a slanderous campaign against David for years. Anyone who reads his books knows that he never once mentions 'Jews' by that name. He lists people who have a vested interest in ensuring that we will become enslaved, just so happens that the majority of these people happen to be Zionist and following an agenda. How is naming names being 'anti-semitic'? How is calling out the paedophiles 'anti-semitic'? He merely states facts as they have been presented to him and from what he has researched himself. If you dig deep enough you can find all of this information is already out there...though to be fair, you don't really have to dig that deeply.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Well said, Wyldwych. David is a hero as far as I'm concerned and these attempts to assassinate his character are being done because he's getting too close to the truth. Thanks for the comment x