Friday 17 November 2017

Dreaming Saucers- Poster 1

Above is a draft for the full and complete first poster. I've secured the dates at the venue and the speakers have confirmed. More promotional material will follow soon. The ticket prices are an estimate and I'm not taking any orders yet, but please do email me if you want to show you're interested; it will be a big help. Watch this space. See here for background:


Kenneth said...
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Anonymous said...

Great to see ben keeping busy and even better to see more and more folks are taking this subject seriously , f our military and security agencies are then im damned sure we should too.(quote from tim goode ) the ufo question is THE no 1 question) when speaking regarding the powers that be and ufos.These things arent just flying about for entertainment these things are here working and tey have an agenda, somehow i dont think its for OUR benefit.Brian brown iow

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Absolutely right, Brian. Thanks for the comment.