Wednesday 4 October 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 23

Dave Young has appeared as a guest on the "Enigmas n' Shit" radio show on an episode entitled Is Larry Warren Lying about Rendlesham Forest? The hosts have clearly heard about this rumour and were looking for a leading expert in the field to comment. See: In this radio show Dave makes a number of factual claims, none of which are original and all of which I have discredited in this series of articles; so have many others. He says that Larry Warren was banned from the 2016 Scottish conference because he threatened somebody with violence. No he didn't. If he had he would be in jail right now, see: Dave reckons that Larry purloined his story from Adrian Bustinza. No he didn't, see: Dave claims that Peter Robbins has completely disavowed Left at East Gate, however Peter's actions indicate some uncertainty in that respect, see: Larry traded fake rock and roll memorabilia, Dave alleges. Then, again, why has he not been attested by the police? See: Dave also says that Larry was a military failure who was discharged from the US Air Force after only completing the first phase of training. Then why was he kept in the service for eleven months and what was he doing on an active NATO base tending nuclear weapons? See: Dave reissues his "challenge!" for a "live debate!" between him and James Welsh, against Gary Heseltine. However, how can anybody have a civilized logical, rational debate with people who display the kind of conduct these two, and their friends, have done? I advise Gary to have nothing to do with it. See: Dave does absolutely nothing in this interview except regurgitate the same nonsensical drivel we have heard a hundred times already. I hope that the hosts of "Enigmas n' Shit" will be presenting the other side of the story at some point. I'd be happy to help them with that.

In other news, Sacha Christie has announced she is leaving UFOlogy, see: This article tells the sorrowful tale of a community too foolish and immoral to accept her divine governance. She will enjoy watching its ultimate failure in the knowledge that, at the last moment, we will all know that one hundred percent of the blame lies with all those who ever defied Sacha Christie... Personally I'm pretty sure she'll be back. Give her three months or so. This is not the first goodbye letter she has written and it won't be the last.

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