Friday 13 January 2017

Trumping the Media

The "fake news" saga continues. I'm a bit disappointed that HPANWO still hasn't made the list. What am I doing wrong? See: It's now just one week until Donald Trump is inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States. I'm beginning to believe he might actually make it. Perhaps the manipulators have given up stopping him being president and are now just looking for ways to contain his White House influence while he's there. Every time I switch on the news I expect to hear that Trump has been shot, or had a "heart attack" or plane crash or something similar. In fact I'm going to have that feeling every day for the next four to eight years. If Trump gets Kennedied I'll be very sad, but not surprised one bit. However, if they were going to take him out why didn't they do it months ago in the primaries, as I predicted? Yesterday the new president demonstrated once again how different he is from the political norm by castigating a reporter from CNN. This was following yet another alleged "revelation" from a "source" inside the "intelligence services" that Trump is a Russian agent or that he committed some foul deed or other in 1982 against some old lady... I know; they must have run out of original ideas. At a press conference on the matter he denounced CNN as "terrible" and "fake news" and refused to answer their reporter's questions. As I describe in this background link,, the term "fake news" is an invention of the mainstream media to discredit independent organizations that are doing a far better job than their headlined counterparts, and exposing them as corrupt and lying for all the world to see. Everything CNN, or the BBC, or Rupert Murdoch claims "fake news" outlets are doing, they themselves are guilty of. Now social media giants are cooperating with this agenda. Mark Bilderberg... sorry, Zuckerberg, has announced that Facebook will be fitted with "stronger detection and verification algorithms" when it comes to the placement of news stories on the platform. This will result in a filter giving frontline mainstream sources priority and "less reputable" links being tagged for the sidelines. It won't mean you will no longer be able to see Breitbart or Infowars posts on Facebook (for now), but it will make them harder to find, see: Of course the skeptics are lapping this up. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe radio show is completely behind Zuckerberg's measures, once again proving how selective and hypocritical skeptics are in their commitment to free speech and free thought. See here at 8.12: As is often the case, the YouTuber Sargon of Akkad has an excellent insight on this matter: The new social media fake news filter is another step along the road to internet censorship. This is why it's so important that we see these increments for what they are and tackle them while we still can.

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