Tuesday 23 June 2015

Moon Hoax Progress

In a little over four years it will be half a century since man allegedly walked on the moon. Time has dulled the memories and emotions of those exhilarating days, and the participants involved are now elderly; some have already passed away, like Neil Armstrong, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/neil-armstrong-dies.html. The fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing will probably be very different in tone to the previous fortieth and thirtieth; during the latter of which this TV programme was broadcast, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75I_6uPtZCg. Nevertheless, there will be some form of celebration to mark the event, most likely including speeches from the US President, special TV shows and books, and public events featuring the surviving astronauts. Apollo 50 will also be an opportunity for us, on this side of the fence, who doubt the official story of man's first steps on the moon. I feel the build up has already begun. Firstly, Marcus Allen, one of the top moon hoax researchers in the world, did a long series of radio interviews with somebody I'm sure you're acquainted with, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/programme-134-podcast-marcus-allen.html. Phil Kouts has also written a fascinating serial about the engineering history of the Apollo hardware and its relationship to modern space exploration- or lack of it, see: https://www.nexusmagazine.com/. A new award-winning research film has come out that has detected yet more incriminating anomalies in the lunar photographic and TV record. It's called Moon Hoax Now and is an independent film by Jet Wintzer, see: https://vimeo.com/126206380. What I find most interesting about this fifty-five minute documentary is Wintzer's unorthodox ethical views on the moon landing hoax. Within the moon hoax community, the almost universal response to the acceptance of chicanery in the official story of Project Apollo is anger; we feel hurt, betrayed and indignant at being lied to on such a huge scale. Jet Wintzer takes a totally different appraisal. He regards the faking of the moon landings as an inevitable and even welcome element to the Cold War. He claims that the fraudulent manned moon missions may well have saved the world by preventing the nuclear armed superpowers from ever resorting to all-out war. He lauds the "astro-nots" as American heroes and has even come to enjoy the moon landings as a great work of art. I've never thought of the moon hoax this way before and will have to consider this angle for a while. I'm not sure I agree with Wintzer morally; but his positive attitude could be beneficial on a pragmatic level because it might encourage the perpetrators of the hoax to help bring the truth to light. He encourages them to do so, to "step forward and get their due."

One of the most common questions believers in the moon landings ask is: "Why didn't the Russians let the cat out of the bag?" A valid question, after all the Soviet Union was the USA's rival in the Space Race. At the time they were also the only other country on Earth with the capability to verify independently America's extraordinary achievement. They must have been very certain the Americans were telling the truth otherwise they could easily have sent a rocket up there themselves to check the Lunar Module descent stage and footprints etc were present on the lunar surface. Up until the moon landings, the USSR had enjoyed a decisive lead in the Space Race; Apollo meant that the Americans had proven themselves their match. Why would the USSR permit that if it wasn't true? Moon hoax researchers see it as more complicated than that. There are many reasons why the Russians might have colluded with the USA to keep their big secret safe. I describe some of these possible reasons in the background links below, but the most important one is that the Americans weren't the only ones lying. The Soviet space programme had some skeletons in its own closet and the Americans were helping them keep a foot firmly pressed against that closet door. One of those is that the Vostok 1 mission of April 1961, the rocket that launched a man into space for the first time, had also been faked. Mary Bennett and David Percy detail the anomalies of that mission in their book and film, see at around 2.49.00: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W79mIGx9Ib4. There's also evidence to suggest that the Soviets had launched other manned space missions before Vostok 1 which had never been publicly revealed because they ended in disaster and the astronauts were killed, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMvg1t133Qc. Did the Russians and Americans strike a deal: "You keep a lid on our deception, and we'll keep a lid on yours."? However, that was a long time ago. Things have changed. Today for more than half of the years since Apollo, the Soviet Union has been no more and Russia has abandoned the dreaded communism. A few days ago a top official in the Russian government announced that he wanted to reinvestigate whether America landed men on the moon. This was an addendum to what he saw as the USA's incompetence to deal with the FIFA corruption scandal. Vladimir Markin, writing in the newspaper The Moscow Times, brings up some of the suspicious elements of the Apollo missions which have generated my doubts, and those of others; for instance the fact that NASA "lost" the original videotapes of the TV transmissions, even though they were stored in huge cassettes weighing five pounds. Also a lot of the moon rock brought back by Apollo can now not be found and a piece of supposed moon rock on display in the Netherlands has turned out to be fake, a chunk of fossilized wood, see: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/russian-official-proposes-international-investigation-into-us-moon-landings/523799.html. If a covert agreement, of whatever kind, was made with America back at the start of the Space Race, this will be a sign that the Americans have welshed and the Russians are not happy. Markin's article could be a warning. Does this mean we will have a full confession about faking Apollo from the current US administration? No. Probably there will never a willing one. Like 9/11, UFO Disclosure and institutional child abuse, the faking of the moon landings is probably one of those "bigger than big" secrets; one whose maintenance is quintessential to the current global order. The political structures of the modern world simply do not have the capacity to absorb and process a revelation of that magnitude. This doesn't mean I'm a defeatist. The truth is an irresistible force, and some day soon, one way or another, we will find out what will happen when it meets an immovable object.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How's things Ben. Cheers for the links and post, Interesting stuff. The 'Moon Hoax Now' Video is excellent, it's implications are valid but as you say they need digesting. I am of the feeling that the 'historical.-Moon Landing' was a great Hollywood score, very 'Wag the Dog'. It is interesting that the great Timothy Good is of the opinion that the landings were real and that Neil Armstrong and others encountered a craft on the Moon surface that disturbed them. More interesting research. Cheers

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, X. I'm OK. Timothy Good is very much a pure UFOlogist and thinks other conspiracy theories should be kept separate from UFO's. Ironically the old 9/11 group I was involved said the same! Much as I respect Tim I think he's completely misguided on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Ben, I think the East Vs West thing is just another layer, Hegelian dialectic stageplay to create a false paradigm, same as the BRICs thing now is being set up as East Vs West, when the reality is it's just another layer to herd the Western sheep into the BRICs bank after they collapse the West to complete the NWO.

I don't think it was any different in the 1960's, the Russians were working on their half of the same script. It might not point to the truth as we'd like to see it in the open, but it certainly puts the correct frame on the issue. If we continue to use the East Vs West frame in other areas of discussion, we're using their programmed/ing language, inadvertantly helping their agenda. Best Wishes P.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

True, P. I think to begin with Marxism WAS the path to the NWO, but then the tactic changed and they began to use PRS between capitalism and communism. Thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

yes i found this new film interesting too and i have some respect for the view that the astronauts are psyop heroes by keeping the west apparently way ahead of the russians. BUT the film does not show that the moon landings were a hoax. It shows that the film and photography and live broadcasts were a bit suspect perhaps. They may have gone to the moon but could not take decent pictures or film or broadcast live signals. In that event what could the usa establishment and nasa do? It was important not just to go to the moon ...... but also to make it a world event. Bringing back a few rocks that were similar to earth rocks wouldn't be much evidence. And at the time they did not know if the rocks would be very distinct in chemical properties or structure.

My real suspicions are 'why haven't the usa and more importantly other nations been to the moon?' The technology has exploded! Why not send mini satellites and mini auto/remote rovers? Surely there would be kudos for other nations to achieve this feat? Corporations send up satellites to orbit earth in their thousands, yet none have done so for the moon? I seems odd to me.

..... on the other hand if the moon films and photos are fake they are extraordinarily good fakes! I cannot decide one way or the other, which is to say that i have lost trust in the mainstream both today and historically.

Once we do that (and 9/11 did it for me) it seems naive to have ever trusted the pronouncements of what essentially are strangers with status, and vast means of broadcasting. Thus it ever was in human history. It used to be the magic of literacy. Then it was the printing press. Now it is electronic media. And it has always been about wealth...... All in direct relationship with celebrity and status.

Human beings became susceptible and utterly dependent upon the pronouncements of strangers the day we invented the first city. Cities cannot function without trust in strangers. Mass media democracy is the same. It was the end of independent 'local' communities. This is why revolution is just a cycle, not an end to oppression. We have to trust strangers in order to function. We become addicted to mass media because of that necessary trust required for urban survival.

This is why people cannot believe conspiracy theories. It creates confusion of who to trust .... which in turn creates instability in large human groups. To survive in a culture of thousands requires trust in the media of that culture. Such human survival requires trust in strangers with cultural status. Who would ditch trust for truth under such circumstances?

I dont know if neil armstrong went to the moon or not, anymore than i know who killed julius caesar. I didnt know either of them. They were strangers to me. So is jet wintzer.

I still depend upon the trust of strangers even though i have lost trust in the media and authority. There is no escape in large numbers. Large numbers imprison us with chains of trust and interdependency....... and circle us with mass media. It has been like that on earth for thousands of years in one form or another.

Those who realise it are compelled at first to broadcast truth and search for reform. But there is no escape and so we just calm down and live amongst those who do trust the mainstream. We have no choice.

John D said...

Two competing Mafia groups extorting their home neighborhood for millions of $ have little reason to talk to those they are robbing about some other group committing the same crime.
The purpose of government is to raise money - the most profitable way is to sell a product that only needs to appear to be what is being payed for.