Thursday 18 June 2015

9/11 Debate- Ben Emlyn-Jones vs Andy Mercer

I will be taking part in a live radio debate about 9/11 on the KTPF community show. This will take place at 8 PM on Sunday the 27th of September. My opponent will be Andy Mercer, the editor of The KTPF Magazine and co-host of the radio show. He issued the challenge to me following my appearance on the show a few weeks ago, see: Obviously I will be supporting the motion that 9/11 was an inside job and Andy will be arguing against it. I'm very confident that I can prevail. I also have no doubt that this will be a good-natured discussion. Andy and I get on well, and a difference of opinion doesn't have to lead to anger and hostility. I'd be a pretty lonely man otherwise, seeing as my family and local acquaintances all think I'm barking mad. I hope you can tune in and follow the action, go to the KTPF homepage at the date and time, see:


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting discussion and a refreshing attitude toward it by both parties it seems. Like anything, one can present compelling evidence but if that persons paradigm/perceptual prejudice is so cemented - it will not be accepted. Of coarse, there is much compelling information on this subject as I'm sure your aware and will put to good use. Not going to wish you good luck, I don';t think you'll need it!. Cheers

Karamaati said...

Hello there

I am the 'other side' of the discussion.
I don't fully believe the official story and have certain doubts about some aspects of the final report, I will go into these on the show.
However, I do think there are good reasons to doubt the co called conspiracy theories (for there are many) but that has less to do with the evidence and more to do with the American mindset and how we have, to a certain extent, adopted it uncritically, and questioning things ourselves.


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, X and Andy. It should be entertaining and fun either way.