Monday 11 March 2013

NHS "Entitlement" Cards

This news story caught my eye recently: At around the same time Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party made a statement on BBC’s Question Time warning of a new massive wave of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria: UKIP recently won unprecedented success at the Eastleigh by-election, coming ahead of both Labour and the Conservatives. I admire Farage for a lot of what he says and does, but my suspicious mind being what it is, I have to ask some awkward questions.
I doubt very much if these two items are coincidental. Put them together and they make a very predictable equation. At the time the National ID Card scheme was cancelled I did see it as the winning of a battle, not the whole war. I did caution the No2ID campaign that their claim to final victory was premature. The current National ID Card scheme was only the method the Government was using to create the database state; when that method failed I knew that they would simply go on and try a new one. This new “entitlement” card fits the bill perfectly. The only obstacle to its introduction was a way of making the people want it! With the news story above that problem might be solved. See here for more detail:

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