Saturday 13 October 2012

Jimmy Savile Correction

Over the years I've written several articles praising Jimmy Savile as a great man and a great Hospital Porter, for example: and I don't intend to edit those articles. A lot of what I've written about all kinds of subjects in the past I no longer believe and would not write now, but Constant Revision Syndrome is hard work and gets harder the more you write. Of course with Jimmy Savile this is an extreme case, for obvious reasons; however I'm not willing to make an exception even for him. I hope it will suffice to say that I no longer stand by the praise I gave him. In fact I find this case particularly upsetting due to the fact that he was a Hospital Porter.
The BBC has just launched an enquiry into Savile's long career with the Corporation, see: One thing that should be pointed out is that people in the conspiratorial community have been warning about Jimmy Savile years before it was picked up by the mainstream media and we were ignored and ridiculed! I ask those who did the ignoring and ridiculing to think again next time we warn you! I have a horrible feeling that these new revelations may be just the tip of the iceberg. Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor at the infamous Haut de la Garenne children's home on Jersey, where the bones of children have been found in the basement; is there a connection? I think we should be more than suspicious! This disturbing but important film by Bill Maloney gives the full details:


essy111 said...

Its worth coming over to Stoke mandeville oneday to ask a few nureses what he was like to work with

Craig said...

I'm confused. Did you know about JS's crimes before he died or were you completely in the dark until he died? If you did know why didn't you go to the police when he was alive? Surely the evidence against him is so compelling the police couldn't ignore it.



Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Craig. The correction is of an article I wrote some years earlier, before I knew for sure what we now know about Savile. I was not aware of the truth before he died. If I had been I would have gone to the police.