Friday 13 July 2012

UFO's back in the News

UFO's are back in the news! See:

This has been triggered by a new release of UK Ministry of Defence UFO files. This is an ongoing programme that has been running for some time, see: Somewhere in this latest batch will hopefully my own reported sighting, see: .

Supporting all the above are other related articles: There is a new angle on a famous 1977 sighting in Wales here: and Gary McKinnon is undergoing another crucial phase of his case to fight extradition to the USA, see:

Along with the news stories has been several videoes like this one by Nick Pope. Listen to the music in the background; the mainstream news is literally incapable of treating this subject seriously!: Another regular pundit is Dr David Clarke, see: who has also been speaking in the media about the latest files release. I often wonder why it seems always to be the same small circle of characters who are shuffled and recycled between the various major news outlets like it's a pass the parcel game. Every one of these characters either believe UFO's can all be explained as non-paranormal, or that even if some can't the Government don't know any more than the rest of us; they're as bemused and wide-eyed about these invulnerable invaders of our airspace... as anybody else! When are we going to see a BBC interview with Linda Moulton-Howe or Scott Felton or Richard D Hall or Stanton Friedman; or how about Nick Redfern, the man who briefed Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister. Or one of the hundreds of other dedicated people studying this subject and with a lot of interesting angles on this subject? It's bad journalism not to expand the informational and intellectual sphere of UFO stories. But this is because the media is not designed to inform and inspire investigation. It's designed to blinker and distort people's images of subjects like UFO's. To talk about UFO's is fine, so long as the role of the Government in the issue is defined a certain way: as innocent and unknowing. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I think this is not the case, eg: .

There is an occasional break in the clouds. I received an excited phonecall from a friend yesterday saying that Roy Lake was on Channel 5 News. Unfortunately this programme is not currently available online, but at least he was given airtime. Roy is a far more convincing UFOlogist than any of the usual UFO celebrities; here's his site: . How long this current UFO theme will last in the mainstream news is anybody's guess, but there's no way I'd advise anybody to think it's now OK to rely on  the BBC and ITV alone. Keep your eye on HPANWO and the other alternative sites you'll see in the Links column!

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