Saturday 28 July 2012

BNP Mad Dogs

Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, has recently made a speech in Blackpool that scared me. See: . It isn't what Griffin says here that bothers me, it's the reaction of the audience. They growl and bay like angry hunting hounds; even Griffin himself ends up having to tell them to be quiet. I've written before about the BNP and my suspicions that Nick Griffin could be an MI5 asset. He went to Trinity College, Cambridge, just like Aleister Crowley and the Cambridge Spies, and could have been recruited there, see: . Ironically... and so predictably... the principle adversary of the British Far Right, Anjem Choudary has also been nominated as an UK Intelligence agent, and this time there's some considerable evidence supporting that, see: Hatred and fear of Muslims appears to be the bait that the Government is currently using in its trap. Brian Gerrish calls Muslims "the new Jews" in reference to how Adolf Hitler used the same trick with Jews on the German people to create the Nazi regime. Of course with Hitler it was a different group of people but the methods were identical. Next time it could be Norwegians or Hottentots! It doesn't matter; the ruse works just as well in every case... until we, the people, get wise to it.

This issue with "grooming" does exist and of course it does need to be stopped, but "groomers" come from all races and religions. My own cousin's daughter was targeted by groomers, but these groomers were all white Englishmen; I said this one to somebody manning a BNP street stall in London and they just turned away from me. White English groomers are currently operating under the radar thanks to this Muslim obsession of the current campaign. What's more some of this grooming, like all other forms of child abuse, is institutional and organized by the Government itself! Why don't the BNP address this? Because they're not trying to stop grooming, they're simply acting out their part of the "Hate Muslims" propaganda show, just like Anjem Choudary.