Sunday 22 July 2012

Charlie Veitch's Armed Resistance

Background article:
Charlie Veitch has just uploaded a video in which he makes a very forthright and dispassionate call to arms. In his beard and furrowed brow he addresses the audience like Che Guevara; see: Charlie has recently begun sounding more and more bitter and despondent in his films; he comes across as disappointed, dejected and drained of all energy and hope. He has been targeted by the harshest and most widespread trolling campaign in the history of the Internet; one which I vehemently opposed. Now he has decided to give up entirely in his attempt to resist using his former methods of peaceful protest and street theatre, and take a more direct approach. "I'm tired... We've tried and we've failed" he says very bluntly.  

This gun-toting guerilla shpiel sounds all very romantic, but it's not practical. When it comes to violent human slaughter the Elite are unbeatble; they're simply too good at it! They have all the weapons, the technology, the experience... and they lack a conscience. This is why the Elite do not fear armed resistence; they even encourage it in their funding of anti-Government militias because they know those they can't corrupt and control they can easily exterminate. The Elite have far more hatred and dread for a man who buys a houseboat and paints it in an original style, and grows vegetables on its the decks, than some poser in a beret and sunglasses brandishing an AK47; See: If Charlie is serious and he truly intends to grab a gun and rain bullets down on the Palace of Westminster then he and his band of Merry Men would be instantly vapourized by any one of the demonic devices weilded by the Elite, some of which our most horror-stricken minds have yet to guess exist. I'm not a pacifist and if I knew who the thirteen Illuminati Primi were and I really thought that shooting them would help I'd go out and do it now, but it won't help. It's futile.   

The solution instead is to keep pushing for that Hundredth Monkey point, as I've said before, see: Don't give up like Charlie has. Imagine how terrible it would be if we quit the very moment before we hit that monkey!

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