Friday, 15 June 2018

Bilderberg 2018

The Bilderberg Group is no longer secret. It was from its establishment in 1954 until about the 1990's, but since then it has been exposed to the point that its covert status can no longer be maintained. Bilderberg's exposure is a perfect example of conspiracy theory activism dragging a black organization into, if not the white then at least the grey, world. It used to operate in total secrecy with a watertight media blackout imposed in it. For example, when the Group met in 1998 at the Turnberry Hotel in Ayrshire, Scotland, the security for the conference was the biggest police operation in Scottish history, but not one word about it was breathed in the press. However several dedicated researchers steadily broke down this palisade of lies, such as Daniel Estulin, David Icke and Alex Jones; but I think the turning point came when a journalist called Jim Tucker began reporting on it in his newspaper, The Spotlight. That's an apt name because, bit by bit, the actual spotlight shone more and more in the Bilderberg Group's direction until this culminated in the Bilderberg Fringe Festival of 2013, when the Bolderbergers met in Watford, England; and it had considerable mainstream news coverage and which I attended myself, see background links below. In 2006 the organization was forced to set up an official website. It is crude and austere, but it includes basic information and contact details, see: The latest meeting of the Bilderberg Group took place on the 7th to the 10th of June at the Torino Lingotto Congress in Turin, Italy. It has published a page on the site with a list of participants and a basic agenda, see: All the usual suspects are there, the Kissingers and the Osbornes and the Stoltenbergs and the Carneys of this world; but I was surprised to see Anne Applebaum on the list. She is a fairly prestigious journalist in the USA, but not a political powerplayer... well, not until now. Amber Rudd also attended, which is strange because she has just resigned as the UK Home Secretary after a major scandal. Something tells me her success flag will not be at the bottom of the pole for long.

I'll now examine the list of topics for discussion at the 2018 Bilderberg Group conference with what I think are probably the true thoughts of the Group beside them in quotes and bold:
1. Populism in Europe "Why the hell couldn't we stop them voting for Brexit!?"
2. The inequality challenge "How are we going to lower the wages of the poorest people even further?"
3. The future of work "Anybody know where we can get some cheap shackles and chains?"
4. Artificial intelligence "Let's get the peasants microchipped as soon as possible!"
5. The US before midterms "Damn it! I can't believe we let Trump win!"
6. Free trade "This is how we're going to do Agenda 21."
7. US world leadership "We're going to crash the US economy and fund the NWO with Chinese gold."
9. Quantum computing "The latest database system for Big Brother."
10. Saudi Arabia and Iran "What's the best way to do a new false flag terrorist attack?"
11. The "post-truth" world "Our propaganda needs sorting out; the peasants are getting wise to it."
12. Current events "A list of everything that's going to happen in the year ahead."

Of course there will be items tabled that are hidden from the published agenda. No doubt the revelation of the Bilderberg Group will not end the clandestine nature of its operations, as with Area 51 merely being formally acknowledged, see: They have probably already set up a "group within a group" of its most senior figures. This is still progress though. Despite our success, the work of the conspiracy theoretical activist is not yet over.


williampfrith58 said...

Is the World Cup a masterful piece of NWO propaganda?

Anonymous said...

Working on the premise 'nothing happens by accident' I'm inclined to think the brexit thing was allowed on purpose, just look how it's divided the nation, endless bickering in the alt and MSM, just another 'phoney bone of contention' (hat tip RH) which neatly sets the stage as a phoney bogy man to blame for financial meltdown.

Some smartypants once said.. 'if voting made any difference they'd make it illegal'

Populism in Europe was more likely discussing who will lead the movements for them, example being the EDL et al.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

William, no. However I suspect the 1998 World Cup was rigged so that France would win it. Diego Maradona predicted this beforehand and. let's face it, if anybody is in the know when it comes to cheating, it would be him. The final was a terrible game. Finals rarely are the best matches of any football tournament, but this one was pathetic. Brazil played like schoolgirls and France were only slightly better. Brazil won the race to the bottom, AFTER Christian Ronaldo turns up five mins before kickoff and the referee lets him play. Half an hour earlier he was in A&E for some reason. So, like cricket and many other sports, there are conspiracy theories connected to football; but I don't think it's to do with the NWO. More likely it's sponsorship deals etc.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Not true, Anon. Richard is wrong about that. I explain why in several articles, HPANWO Radio shows and HPANWO TV films.

Laurence said...

Good article Ben, the humourless Bilderberg apparatchiks really teed it up for you with the 12 items on the agenda. Any significance to the number twelve (twelve disciples, twelve months in the year, 12 hours AM/PM.....).

"They have probably already set up a "group within a group" of its most senior figures.". Case in point, Eamonn Brennan, former board member of the Irish Aviation Authority - expect poor, deluded Eamonn to be found dead from a, "heart attack" or some such in the not to distant future.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Laurence. The Bildergerg Group has focused its beady eyes on Ireland several times. Former Taoiseach, Fitzgerald, is known to be an attendee.