Friday, 23 October 2015

Underground City discovered in Mexico

Puebla is the first city in Mexico to be founded by the Conquistadors following their destruction of the native Mexican empire in 1521. It is definitely a showcase city with grand Spanish architecture, traditional Spanish street layout, a huge cathedral and other trimmings to display the triumph of Illuminati-occupied civilization over barbarians (Boudica moment alert!). For all of its history, the people of the city have told tales of a hidden underworld of tunnels beneath Puebla's streets. Few experts took the idea seriously and the tunnels were relegated to the status of an urban legend. However they have now been discovered and proven to be real. A few weeks ago some builders digging in the city centre came across their entrance by accident and they're currently being explored by archaeologists. The tunnels are large and well-designed with brick-lined walls and supporting interior arches. Their dimensions vary from between ten and twenty-three feet in diameter and they are so far believed to extend for over six miles. The archaeologists estimate that the tunnel system dates back to the establishment of Puebla in 1531. I'm not sure if this is because of actual evidence or whether it's just an assumption. Building these tunnels must have been a huge undertaking and years of work with millions of man-hours required. Why would a group of colonists who already had the assignment of building a Spanish seat of power waste time creating this underground city too? Tunnels can be useful in wartime to protect people and resources from enemy attack and there's talk of some of them being used in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican wars. Some tunnels apparently helped Mexico successfully defend Puebla from the French army. In that case you'd think they wouldn't be so mysterious and indeed would have been proudly showed off by the people. They'd have made them into a museum or something. In any case Puebla joins many other locations around the world, including Alexandria, Derinkuyu, Nottingham and Melikgazi, as having a mysterious underground city beneath the surface one. See background links below for details. According to news reports, Puebla's tourist board had already announced that it plans to renovate the tunnels and turn them into a visitor attraction. Something tells me not all the tunnels will be opened to sightseers. When discoveries of previously unknown tunnels are made, one often finds the authorities stepping in because something is found down there which it is decided the general public should not know about. This happened when the Hypogeum was unearthed in Malta. It is today no longer a secret that hundreds of human skeletons were removed covertly by the university archaeologists and some painted markings were washed off the walls, see: To this day only two of the hundreds of caves and tunnels beneath Nottingham in England are open to the public, see background links below. As with most other of the world's ancient underground habitations, the tunnels of Puebla are enigmatic and mute. Nobody knows who built them, how they built them, when they built them or why. We only know that the city itself dates back only to 1531 so the tunnels couldn't be any older than that, could they? Perhaps they are. Perhaps they were actually constructed by an unknown, or unacknowledged, culture dating back into the days of pre-Columbian Mexico. They might have been a creation of the Aztec empire, or could they be even older than that? It's recently been discovered that a tunnel network was built in Europe dating back to Neolithic times, many thousands of years BC. These tunnels are as mysterious as all the others, but they're extraordinarily elaborate and extensive for a society that had apparently only just started farming and had yet to invent the lever or wheel, see: I think a lot of the history of our species has been hidden from us by the "masters of infinity" because of the effect the truth of our past would have on our culture and mass psychology. Out-of-place artefacts like the tunnels underneath Puebla give us a fascinating yet tantalizing glimpse of the truth behind the lies. Source:


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