Thursday 30 August 2012

My Letter to the Bank

I've just sent the following letter to my bank:
Dear Lloyds TSB,
I am writing to you under Article 61 of the Magna Carta Libertatum of 1215- on the subject of conditions for Lawful Rebellion.
Re: Personal Loan number: (number)
And: the overdraft on Silver Account sort code: (number) number: (number)
I have reviewed the loan agreement that I signed and that of the overdraft I've been using, and information has come to my attention that makes me suspect that the terms and conditions are misleading, unlawful and may contravene Articles 10 and 11 of the Magna Carta Libertatum of 1215, as well as other documentations relating to the Declaration of Right of 1688, and other laws making up the Constitution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and United Kingdom Crown Colonies, Territories and Dependencies. (Notwithstanding more recent statutes of repeal which are also unlawful.) (As an aside, for your information, I should warn you that your lending policy may also contravene the constitutions of many other sovereign states across the world in which Lloyds TSB, or its partners, clients and contractors, may operate.) Therefore I am suspending all repayments on my personal loan and Silver Account overdraft until this matter can be resolved.
I am also suspending all use of my Lloyds TSB Silver Account, my ISA account and my Lloyds TSB Supersaver Account for any purpose whatsoever in order to avoid the charge of being an accessory to a fraudulent and unconstitutional action, and conspiracy to commit an action in breach of the aforementioned Constitution. This suspension will be lifted if, and when, this matter is resolved.
Suggestions for resolving this matter:
1. I would like Lloyds TSB to arrange for me an expenses-paid trip to the Bank of England in London (This will cost approximately £23, £16 for a return ticket on the Oxford Tube Coach service and another £7 for a ticket on the London Underground). There I wish to be allowed to view the gold bullion and deposit of coinage in the Bank's vaults on which the promissory funds I was lent are backed up. I am happy to cooperate with any security arrangements thereof that the Bank should require.
2. I would like to be presented with documentation, that I can take away with me to be examined by a Common Law solicitor of my choice, which irrefutably proves that the promissory funds I was lent are directly backed up by the gold and coinage I viewed in the Bank of England vaults.
3. In the event of Suggestions 1 and 2 being fulfilled, I would like my loan agreement to be cancelled and replaced with a contract in accordance with the conditions of the Bills and Exchange Act of 1882.
On the successful resolution of this matter, ie: that my loan and Silver Account overdraft are in fact lawful and constitutional, I will immediately lift the suspension on my repayments of my personal loan and my repayments of my Silver Account overdraft; thenceforth all repayments on both will resume as per my new lending contracts. Also I will resume all normal use of all my three Lloyds TSB accounts; if you give your permission, naturally.
Please note: I will be unavailable for contact until Tuesday September the 11th. Post will be stored for my collection. Please do not call until that date as my landline is shared by others in my home. All calls may be recorded.
(Fees: Please note: I charge a fee of £100 per every ten words of your correspondence I'm required to read and reply to, but this is discounted to £150 per 20 words for a single letter of more than one hundred words. I charge £500 per minute for phonecalls. All invoices will be addressed to senders and callers by name.)
Yours sincerely
Ben   (of the family Emlyn-Jones AKA: Commonly-known-as Ben)
I have sent this by recorded delivery; one copy to the bank's collections centre and another copy to the CEO of the bank. The Truth and Conspiratorial movement is a very multi-disciplinary and holistic thing which covers such a wide variety of subjects: Government and politics of course, but also law, medicine, industry, military forces, religion, education, science... this list is endless and I've always tried to make HPANWO an organization which addresses all these subjects equally. We're a kind of Jack-of-all-trades, but-master-of-none. One area I think I have neglected, especially in terms of my own personal activism, is economics. This is something I must remedy because economics is one of the most important of all these subjects. I was inspired, to quote my comedy character Butt, to "get off my backside and DO SOMETHING!" (See: partly because I've been forced into it due to being discharged from the Hospital Portering Service;... maybe this is what I needed to experience in my life for that reason... but that's a big subject. Basically, I took out a personal loan just before I got sacked, not to buy a big, fast car or go on a cruise to Thailand, but so I could pay for a home to bring up my daughter; and this has now left me in a position where I'm in the same debt-trap that so many others are, and even entire nations are, like Greece and Ireland; and it's especially bad in Third World countries where little kids are starving to death while their Government is paying back non-existent money to the International Monetary Fund. Debt is like a millstone around the neck of a swimmer! It's tearing the world apart. It's causing misery, injury and death on an incalculable scale! However the idiotic and insulting tirade by David Gauke a couple of weeks ago, also inspired me, see: I have not completely neglected this subject, see the "Post-Illuminati World" section of the HPANWO Index, but I need to make it a higher priority.
I know some people reading my letter know a lot more about this subject than and me, and they will say: "But you didn't say this quite right, Ben." or "You got that bit wrong, Ben." "You should have said this instead, Ben." But bear with me; I'm just getting used to dealing with this subject; I'm happy for comments of advice from anybody. The letter I wrote is based on honest research that I've done over the years, and especially the last few weeks, and any mistakes I made can be corrected. I'll post all updates on the Voice as and when they occur.
It's part of my personality to speak plainly in the kind of language I normally use, and to make a distinct ethical statement with all my actions. I'm never satisfied with just finding a way to "beat the system". It's a strange thing, but the simple act of writing this letter has filled me with, if not quite joy, a sense of overwhelming relief and contentment. I felt a bit like that when I destroyed my passport and when I sent in that letter to the National Records Office divorcing my statute law self, see: and: It's as if even mere words of truth, justice and freedom have their own internal energy. It's like being outdoors on a very cold day, freezing and icy, you're shivering and your fingers are numb; and then suddenly you step into a warm room with all the heaters on and somebody hands you a mug of warm coffee. Or conversely, imagine yourself stepping into a cool, air-conditioned room after a long walk in the sun on a hot and humid summer's day and somebody hands you a chilled glass of beer. That's how I feel. I do recommend trying it yourself.
For further information I recommend the Get out of Debt Free website:


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff.
What happened?

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, mate. I'm still at Ustane's place. There'll be a letter waiting for me when I get home no doubt.