Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gary Paterson

Latest news from Kevin Annett at the International Tribunal into the Crimes of the Church and State:
The United Church of Canada, the church Kevin Annett was once ordained in and then defrocked (See:, has appointed a controversial and highly untrustworthy man to act as "Moderator", the head of the church, the equivalent of the Archbishop of Canterbury: Gary Paterson. He's the first openly homosexual Moderator the church has ever had, so clearly his appointment is very politically correct, making it harder to criticize him. This may be related to the probable ulterior motive for the church choosing Paterson as their boss; you see, Paterson is a sworn enemy of the ITCCS. He vehemently opposes any exposure or investigation into the alleged crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy that Kevin has accused them of. He has ridiculed and abused individuals who have petitioned him on the matter. He's the perfect "Mr Fix-it" in the perfect position to maintain the wall of silence and withhold the justice we so badly need. He looks very sweet in the photo above, doesn't he? With that ecclesiastic smile, tending diligently to his flock. But looks can be deceptive! Beware of him!

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